Carlene Lovell is going to hit her no-good, deadbeat, cheatin' ass, soon-to-be ex-husband where it hurts: at the annual chili cook-off, which he's won for 10 years in a row. To win, though, she'll need more than a little help...

Is another man's second chance at love
Police Chief Jack Landry has been smitten with Carlene forever. Now that she needs some help keeping the peace (and getting revenge), it's his chance to prove that not all men are dogs


I must say I usually enjoy reading MS. Brown books, but this book really was difficult to get into. I started it put it down and then came back to it a few weeks later just to knock it out. First I have nothing against prying but there is a lot of it in this story, and for people going to church they sure talk behind each other’s back and are very judgmental. Then there is her cousin Alma who I was tired of by page number three who wants Carlene to go back to her cheating husband after he is the one who has broken the marriage vows. She doesn’t change until closer to the end of the book. The mothers of the girls are funny and stick together which is good. I did like Patrice the other cousin, and Josie who works with them, but after a while it was just too much. The last twenty pages are good but it just takes a while to get there. I have other problems but I feel bad and I don’t like leaving a review like this when I have liked so many of her other books. So read it at your own risk. I got this book from netgalley.com. I gave it 2 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

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