PLAY CALLING (Play Makers #6)

PLAY CALLING                                                KATE DONOVAN

Fans of football romance will love this new book in the Play Makers series by Kate Donovan! 

Daniel Riga, the controversial head coach of the Portland Lancers, has the same rule for press conferences as for anything else during football season: football only. The man doesn’t even date except in the off-season. So why are these reporters asking about some sociologist who inexplicably called him a zombie in her latest newspaper column? On the Lifestyles page, no less! 

Noelle Sharpe is mortified that her words have been taken out of context since her tongue-in-cheek point was that zombies focus on a single obsession—eating brains—but a brilliant, vibrant man like Daniel Riga should broaden his horizons past football-only. Her attempt at apologizing in print only leads to another round of jokes at the handsome coach’s expense, so she tracks him down for an in-person apology. 

As frustrated as he is with this zombie nonsense, Daniel goes wild for Noelle and they end up in bed. Unfortunately, it’s football season, so he asks her to wait for him until the off-season. By now, she’s so crazy about him and so worried she’ll cost the Lancers their season by distracting him, she readily agrees. 

Zombies consume brains. That’s all they do. And Daniel Riga consumes football. That’s all he does. Or at least until Noelle Sharpe writes her way into his life and gives football some serious competition. 

This book turned out to be a much better story than I first thought. Daniel Riga is the head football coach for the local pro team. During a question and answers after a game is asked to comment on an article that was featured in a local newspaper column. Which compared him to zombies. Noelle Sharpe who is a huge fan of the teams is horrified, and mortified that her article is being brought up on this press stage when they should be asking, why didn’t you blitz on the last play? She also cannot believe that the point that she was trying to make about the coach, who said he does not date during the season. His focus is on football, coaching, and the team. Of course, she could have used a better reference than zombies to get her point across of it not being good to be focused on just one thing. Turns out that she works for the same paper as the person that asked the question, and during the week he brings up the topic again and again. In order to stop the damage, she agrees to a deal with the devil, the owner's nephew who is the reporter who is always asking the question and knows nothing about football or the team. This leads her to the press room one day and not only is the coach taken by the new reporters’ questions, but also by her beauty. She, of course, does not see herself as attractive, but the coach is taken by her looks and her smarts. Once he starts becoming more and more wanting a relationship she is scared because if the team does not do well she feels he will dump her. When he comes to the rescue of her dog that got out and some neighborhood kids took, she now wants to call everything off. She does not want to get hurt any more than she already is. Now the coach has to decide for his plans and the way he was raised is coming into question. Can he save himself while the season is still going on, and is this the women he is willing to fight for? There are a few twists that make this a very good read. Also, find out what happens to the nephew when the uncle finds out what he was doing to his favorite reporter. Many different story lines going on. a very good book. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at 

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