SCORING WITH SANTA                                  THERESA ROEMER & RENEE ROSE

Houston's most eligible bachelor. A career-driven mom. 
The irresistible attraction could destroy both their careers.

Rick Morehouse doesn't date single moms. As the former quarterback for the Houston Texans, he's Houston's most eligible bachelor. But after the heartache of abandonment by his own mother's string of boyfriends, he never wants to hurt anyone's kids that way. When he meets Brandy Love, the drop-dead gorgeous owner of Phenomenal Physiques, he's totally taken by the confident career woman. It's too bad she has kids.

Brandy Love doesn't have room in her life for a relationship. Opening a chain of gyms and parenting her kids already takes more time than she has. But when Coach Charming drops in on her gym, she's sorely tempted.

When vengeful columnist roasts Rick to bring down his team at the playoffs, Brandy must decide if he's worth fighting for. But even if she can save him, will he accept her and her kids in his life?

Devour this sexy and sweet holiday page-turner today!


Brandy Love is a single mother raising two children and is the owner of a successful gym. She notices one of the sexiest bachelors in her establishment, and though she thinks he is very attractive she does not want to think about trying to go out with him. Just the thought is okay with her for now. Rick Morehouse a high school coach and ex-pro quarterback met Brandy once when she asked for him to play Santa for the charity she was hosting in a few months, but now seeing her in her workout clothes and after yoga, he is wanting to be with her. When a few weeks go by Brandy is locking up for the night and she hears water in the men’s locker room, she goes in to turn it off because she pays the bills. Thinking that everyone is gone only to find Rick standing there under the water and her eyes not being able to meet his. After her needs are met and he tells her she owes him they leave and the next Saturday she reciprocates. This starts just an every Saturday night hook up. That is until he finds out that she has children and that freaks him out. Getting past that his feelings of wanting to be with her is new for him but he goes about it the wrong way. She does cut him some slack and just when it looks like it is going to work out another issue comes up with the press and he does not handle that very good, even though she is working to help. See if he will still be Santa or just get coal from Brandy. A good book. I got this book from  I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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