SEDUCING TEXAS                                          DIANA DOWNEY

What happens when the spoilt Texas heiress falls for Mr. Wrong—the untamed, virile man from Alaska, especially now that he’s flat broke and so is she?

Cyn was looking for a rich, cultured Prince Charming, but after spending a week with Shane in the Alaskan Interior, she discovered sophistication and charm are overrated compared to a wild ride in bed. Now that she’s back in Texas, she has set her sights on Shane but must find a job to support herself and her little sister Willa. When she’s approached about the Riches to Rags reality TV show, she jumps at the chance to earn enough money to keep her sister Willa in a private school and her closet filled with designer label shoes.

If Shane wasn’t Mr. Wrong before, he certainly is now. He must work with the feds or face serious prison time for the millions of back taxes he owes. As part of their deal, he must squeeze his ex-fiancĂ©e for information, and they aren’t just talking about holding hands. That’s a serious problem for Shane because he cannot forget Cyn, the saucy Latina lighting up the cold nights in Alaska.

Sexy Thriller with a dash of satire and humor for 18 and older.


This is the second book or the follow up to Taming Alaska. Shane is now working for the government mainly the FBI in trying to find where all the money went and he has to make nice with old flame Nikki. Cyn is recovering from all that happened after she came home without the man she thought once again would be there for her. Realizing that she needs to take care of one sister and the other sister she needs to just watch her back. She now is starting to put all of the pieces together as to why her mother was killed when she gets a visit from a relative. She starts putting the missing pieces together like a puzzle and she finds what everyone is looking for. She now wants to have the upper hand. She also needs to find a job and when she goes on an interview and walks in on Shane kissing Nikki, she is more than hurt she is devastated. She has been in love with this man since she first saw him and for some reason she believed all he said about being in love with her. Now he is trying to explain to her what is going on and the only way to do that is come clean about everything. The agent doesn’t like it but he tells him go to h—l. Now they both have to work together to save each of them. This is another fast paced book, full of sex, murder and intrigue. There are some surprises but overall this was a good book to follow up from the first. I also like the epilogue. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at (less)

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