TEXAS PATRIARCH                                       DOUGLAS BOX

Cloyce Box was larger than life. He left his career as a Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Detroit Lions to rise to corporate fame and extravagant wealth in construction and the oil and gas industries. His sprawling estate in Frisco, Texas, was used as the original Southfork Ranch in the television soap opera Dallas. Cloyce ran both his companies and his family with a firm hand and inextricably linked the two by raising his sons in the business. When he finally passed, he left a wake of collapsing relationships at home and in the boardroom. 

Texas Patriarch is the taut family saga of four brothers’ struggle to determine the fate of the empire built by their father. In his long shadow, they fought over money and power, nearly destroying both the business and the family. After quarrels and litigation, they finally managed to rediscover each other and the importance of family.

Author Doug Box, son of the Texas Patriarch, has made a career from this experience, guiding families through turmoil to retain both their wealth and their connections with each other. Now, you can witness his journey to avoid similar turmoil.


I was a little disappointed in this book wanting to know more about the man and his football career before business. This book talks about childhood, and then the boy’s childhood. It then goes into how he made his money and different investments. How his ranch was used for South Fork for the T.V show, Dallas, which was interesting, but I felt I little let down. Maybe I went into this book with too much expatiation's. The writing was good. Some of the issues he talks about in the book every family goes through. There’s were unique in that they had a lot of money and yet it seems that people who have less get along, maybe not, just seems that way. Not a bad book. I got this book from netgalley.com. I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

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