THE SILENT VOYAGE                                   JAMES PATTINSON

He finds himself on board the Silver Tassie and is pleasantly surprised to find an old friend, Grill, working on the ship for the voyage. 

But on his way, in the thick fog and darkness of the Barents Sea, disaster strikes and the Silver Tassie is run down by a much larger vessel. 

Only Brett and Grill are picked up. The two survivors now find themselves on board a mysterious Russian freighter, the Gregory Kotovsky, bound for a secret destination. 

Slowly it dawns on Brett and Grill that they no know too much for their own good and that their very lives are in danger. 

The Russians, Captain Govorov and the sinister, cold-hearted Comrade Linsky, will never allow them to carry away the information that by force of circumstances come into their possession. 

Their only hope lies in escape. But how does one escape from a ship at sea? 


This is a reissue book from 2002, and it is about the cold war. Really the story begins after WWII. I found this book to be somewhat predictable. Maybe that should not be a surprise but other authors have made that same period more interesting. To me it was a little too easy to figure out and I was hoping for a much more intriguing story. That could be my fault as a reader. What do I know, he did get his book published. The characters were good. Was a quick read. I got this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at 

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