WORTH THE WAIT                               A. J. PINE
                                      I like to think of myself as a man of pleasure…

I enjoy a good pint of ale, being in the arms of a beautiful woman, and living by my own rules. The only thing I try to avoid? Commitment. And I’ve got a three-year success rate to prove it.

I wasn’t planning on Grace—the beautiful, funny, totally off-limits massage therapist who keeps popping up in my life. She’s on a six-month mission to rid her life of toxins. No alcohol. No red meat. And, yeah, no men. I’m talking full-on man cleanse.

I know I should walk away, but I can’t…and the only way to keep her in my life is to live by her rules. I’ll need to prove to a woman who’s lost all trust in men that I’m worthy of her love. And do it all without so much as a single kiss.

The only problem? If I win, I’ll lose the one thing I swore I’d never give up. My heart. 


Grace was not looking for a man or any type of a relationship in her life. She is on a six month of cleanse, cleanse of everything. Jeremy is a customer for a massage at the hotel he is staying at. They immediately have a connection. Telling him that she is not dating should work. The problem is they end up meeting a few more times and each time they are still drawn to each other. Not wanting to ruin her cleanse he tells her that he is willing to wait if they can be friends. This is when the story takes off. He ex from three years ago and now a T.V. personality signs her up for a reality type show for a local station wanting to see want happens now at the end of here last three months. Grace is working on getting past an ex that won’t leave her alone, but does not want any help because she feels that man will hurt her parents. At the same time Jeremy is working through becoming a partner in the bar he is working at with his best friend. There are a lot of good and funny parts along with some real touching moments. Overall a good book, and you don’t need to read any of the books before this one to be caught up. A good story. I got this book from netgalley.com. I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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