CHARMING JEFF (Finding Perfect Book 7)

CHARMING JEFF                                  AMY GREGORY

Jeff Hughes is most comfortable behind the gleaming bar of Jenny’s, the bar and grill he owns, just as the two generations before him did. Situated on the square in the tiny town of Renlend, Kansas, Jenny’s and Jeff have been a sounding board for the townspeople for years. Now, each of those in his inner circle has all fallen in love, and if they aren’t already married, proposals have been made, complete with shiny rings. 
Not Jeff. He’s kept quiet, silently brooding over the one woman who stole his heart the first time he saw her, over five years ago. He’d forget all about the dark-haired beauty with pale ice green eyes if he could. Except it’s his signature on her paycheck each week. 

Kelly DeGraw grew up in a world completely unlike than the one she’s made for herself in Renlend. This was the place she’d visited as a child. Complete with a gazebo in the middle of the town’s square, she’d fallen for its stillness, its beauty, and its charm. Everything is the polar opposite to the past she ran from and was trying to keep hidden. She loves her friends here, and she doesn’t want to be treated differently if they all knew her secrets. 
Coming back to Renlend as an adult had always been her plan. Walking into Jenny’s and falling for the owner hadn’t. If she didn’t love everything about her new life in this sleepy town so much, she’d risk it all and move on. Yet, part of her heart still holds out hope Jeff will eventually see her for more than a dependable employee. 

          This was a sweet quick read.  The characters were engaging.  The bond, the friends, and the community had, are the way you want for your dream small town.
     The only thing is I felt like I was missing parts of the story about them and their lives and really all the many characters around them.  The ending was great.  I just felt her crying and uneasiness seemed out of context for the part of her being this top-notch manager who ran a bar.
     Some of the time I could understand it but other times it was like what not again.  Also, when she got what she wanted she became unsure of herself and everything around her.  She wasn’t this way before she got what she wanted that is what he admired about her.  Jeff asked her out and man she became a basket case.  I like a fearless woman who can be soft with their man. 
     I mean Kelly was his acting manager for five years but the way she was presenting herself was not that way at all.  Even for a restaurant, you couldn’t be crying that much and nervous too.
     I would give this really a three half but the writing is good so for that 4 star.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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