SEXY LIVING                                         REGINA COLE

Regina Cole tells a surprising—and sizzling—story about a successful young woman who learns that size is just a number, happiness is hot, and sexy is a way of life…
In her nine-to-five life, Stacey Hough is a confident young woman whose career is going from strength to strength. But a trip to Hawaii for her cousin’s wedding lays bare her deepest insecurities, and she books the first flight home to Atlanta to avoid exposing her curves on the beach. Tired of being unhappy, she decides to take action and heads to the gym. But her personal trainer’s seductive smile and ridiculous muscles make it hard to focus on lifts and lunges…
Robert Liston lives to help people achieve their goals. When Stacey walks into his gym, he sees a voluptuous woman who doesn’t know how beautiful she really is, and he’s determined to help her learn to accept herself. As soon as she starts warming up on the treadmill, things start warming up between them, and it’s only a matter of time before Rob is putting Stacey through her paces at the gym—and in the bedroom. As the line between work and pleasure blurs, Rob must convince her that sexy has nothing to do with the scale—and that her imperfections inspire the greatest passion of all…

     I really enjoyed this BBW book.  (Big Beautiful Woman) for those of you who are wondering.  Regina nails a lot of the issues we women who have curves deal with.
     We can fake it till we make it.  But Stacey Hough, after attending her cousin's wedding in Hawaii and literally being pushed and knocked to the ground by an angry guy, she was done.
     She left right after the ceremony.  She was so embarrassed that she didn’t want to hear her own relatives take pot shots at her like they always did.  You see she is the only one in her family who is not perfect.  She is short and has curves and with a weight issue.  So, she would have heard how unbecoming it is at her weight to allow herself to fall.  If she would have just have moved and kept quiet.  But she just didn’t feel like allowing her friend to be manhandled or verbally abused. Shame on her.
     So, she researched on the plane where there were the best gyms.  She found one she liked that fit her price range.  She figured that if the owner was on the grounds she would at least have great eye candy as and incentive for better workouts.  Right!?  Not knowing her five a.m. workouts would score her the man himself, Rob Liston.
     Instead of passing her off to Brandi the female personal trainer, he jumps in front of her and welcomed her.  Telling Brandi, he would be personally taking Stacey as his client.  Which he normally never took on new clients anymore.  You see when he saw her walk through his doors he saw a voluptuous strawberry blonde.  A woman who after a long dry spell for him peeked his interest.  In more way than one.
     Toward the end of the workout of which she was doing so well.  Rob moves her to the treadmill.  She tells him it’s not happening.  He says yes.  She says no.  After much talking, she agrees.  Then she says it is too fast he says no.  She says yes and that he is there for he if she has any problems.  But then he walks away for a sec and Stacey panics and falls out of step and she goes flying off the treadmill into his arms on the floor.
     He tries to help her up but by then she is embarrassed and overwhelmed and ignores his help.  She tries to play it off but she won’t make eye contact.  Which is killing Rob?  He knows he blew it.  He knows he is never to leave a client’s side.  She says she will be back the next day but he knows the truth.  She won’t he blew it when she had started off so well.
     Rob researches different new exercises to better help her.  She’s a no-show that morning.  He goes for a coffee and runs into her.  He talks her into coming back that evening.  He’s got a second chance.  He can’t blow it.  He really likes her.  He knows he can help.  Very erotic BBW yet a tender love story too.

     This is so worth the read.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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