CROSSING THE FRIEND ZONE (Belmont Beach Brides #3)


From the author of The Wedding Date and The Family Man comes the final book in Kelly Eadon's Belmont Beach Brides series. Event planner Ainsley Sloan spends her days creating perfect weddings for her clients and her nights wondering if she'll ever find her own happily ever after. So when her friend--and total manwhore--Ryan Lawhill starts making her skin tingle and her heart race, she's determined to shut it down. The last thing she needs is another broken heart. But when these opposites attract, can true love ignite?

     This was a cute story of frenemies.  So, here’s the playbook now pay close attention Ainsley Sloan and James have grown up together at the Points community the finer area of town. They’re best friends.
     Then, you have Kate and Ryan Lawhill who grew up together and who are also best friends.  Somewhere along the way Kate and Ainsley become friends and she introduces her to James and now they are engaged.
     The four of them are friends with Griffin and Beth who are a couple and Griffin has a little girl, Mabel from a previous relationship.  Now, when the book opens Ainsley has just been dumped by her ex-Scott.  Who didn’t really say anything just boarded a plane for Hong Kong.
     Ainsley comes from a family with a point of view that you need to be seen in a good light or your no one.  A broken promise of a maybe engagement, her father, is not happy.  She finds this out at Kate and James engagement party.  They didn’t even care for her date which was set up by Kate because she knew her best friend would do what’s right to make her smile when all eyes were on her. (Meaning all of the Point at the reception.)
     Ainsley had to say it was barrable with Ryan as her date.  Not bad at all.  The left early and they went to a club and from this point on their bantering doesn’t change but their relationship sure does.  You see Ryan made her a deal that he could teach her how to have fun in three weeks the Lawhill way.  Because the Lawhill way is no attachments, no commitments, just having fun.
     I give this 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at: 

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