Vince DaMarco always liked Cassie, the shy waitress who works at the restaurant that serves as a front for his mob boss uncle. Unfortunately, she witnesses a back alley hit, and while fleeing, she’s struck by a truck. Now she’s at the top of the hit list. Desperate to stop anyone who’d draw out Cassie’s death, Vince volunteers to take care of it.

Cassie Dalton has no recollection of her accident, but she’s told she’s lucky to be alive. A few years are missing from her memory, and the unsettling feeling that something isn’t right—along with the creepy sensation that she’s being watched—won’t go away.

Vince shows up right when Cassie needs him most. In a world of confusion, the rugged stranger is the one thing that makes sense. But little does she know, she’s found refuge in the arms of the very man who’s been sent to kill her.

     This was a very interesting mix of suspense, romance, and comedy.  You see Cassie Dalton is an older college student than most because she had a sick father to nurse through cancer.  When he lost his battle, she wanted to fulfill his dying wish for her to go to college.  When she did she received a partial scholarship from New Jersey.  So, she packed up and moved from Colorado to start anew.
     She needed to work in order to make ends meet so she applied everywhere.  But it was Mr. Rossi at Rossi’s Italian Restaurant that was will to give the new girl in town a chance.  He hired her to waitress and worked with her schedule.  Or should I say he had his nephew Vince DaMarco work with it.  Mrs. Rossi didn’t like her because she wasn’t Italian and you know you can’t trust anyone that isn’t Italian or family, right?
     Vince at first just didn’t like the idea that his uncle had hired anyone that he didn’t know about since the restaurant was his baby to deal with.  Vince was the Manager and the one who actually ran the day to day operation of the restaurant. 
     He thought his uncle had probably only hired some Italian floozy.  He was so surprised to find this sweet blonde, green eyed, librarian, with glasses and fifty-watt smile.  His heart beat double time.  Yet, he knew nothing could ever come of it for his uncle was a made man and the head of the mafia.
     Although he himself wanted not part of it his uncle kept trying to pull him in by using his younger brother, Bobby, as leverage since he is a junkie that he had to keep bailing out.  His uncle kept them both under the family umbrella so to speak.  Which meant Bobby at least wouldn’t be harmed, as in killed.  In turn meaning Vince owing his uncle.
     Cassie at the same time was pining over Vince.  Thinking about him 24/7.  Knowing she never stood a chance when she saw all the beautiful Italian woman that flirted with him.  Yet, she couldn’t help out daydreaming.
     One day she sees something she wishes she hadn’t.  Putting her life in danger.  Fleeing the scene as a bullet wheezes by her she flies through the restaurant and out into the street where she’s hit by a car.  When she wake’s she’s lost two years of her life and has a new cop as a friend.  As well as a feeling of always being watched.
     Although you know in the real-world Vince would never go against a direct order given by a mob boss relative or not and lived.  The story is fun and exciting.  A fast read.  The bantering between Cassie and Vince is enjoyable and funny.  The relationship formed between her and Bobby, I just love.  It’s so endearing and real.  The Tulsa family with Maude, cracked me up doesn’t everyone need a Maude?  I give this a 5 star.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at:


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