FAMILY FOREVER                                          VALERIE J. CLARIZIO

The death of Dylan’s parents leaves his five younger brothers and the family dairy farm in his care. 

Neighbor Marissa, raised by an alcoholic father, seeks a way out. Desperate for help, Dylan offers her a live-in nanny/housekeeper position. She jumps at the opportunity. The chaotic household, full of love, feeds her maternal instincts. She falls for Dylan and the boys. 

When Dylan finds himself desiring Marissa, he pulls back. His heart has been broken in the past by women resistant to a large, ready-made family. But if she walks away, she’d not only break his heart but those of his brothers, too. 

Will Dylan ever believe in Marissa’s devotion to his family, risk his heart, and those of his brothers, for the woman he loves?

This was a story that pulled on every heartstring you have.  Parents killed in a car accident a young man, Dylan Jacobs, just about to finish college is called home to help plan and bury his parents and grandma.  Then, told by his grandfather to finish his last semester.  That his grandfather would care for the boys, all 5 until he could come home to help.
     Which is what he did.  Only several months later his beloved grandfather suffers a massive stroke and had to be put in a care facility.  From that moment on he was the old brother, mom, and dad rolled into one.  Two years had passed and although he was making it he just felt less than.  When really, he was so much more.
     His love changes at a fundraiser when he bid on the services of an 8-hour housekeeper.  She was one of the high school girls working toward a trip.  She was also a neighbor.  Her dad was known as the town drunk, therefore, no one ever gave her a chance.  Yet, she was a straight ‘A’ student and a senior. People turned their nose up because of who her father was.  Three other girls were bided on for good amounts for the same job.  Yet, no one bid on Marissa Geyer she got zero bids.
     Dylan could not see a nice sweet, beautiful girl treated that way.  He bid three hundred dollars on her.  Now he would have help around the house if only for eight hours.  Which was great for him he could be outside for a while.  But the first time in their house Marissa changed their lives for the better.
     Cole, Aric, Braden, Nate, and Luke all took to her at once.  Dylan was guarded to the point of a cold fear.  He was afraid that if the kids got too close they could get hurt when she went to college. 

     I really enjoyed this book.  Unless you have been in the place of taking on a ready-made family all at once you have no idea how hard and overwhelming it can be.  It’s hard to explain the fear I know Dylan would have experienced.  Yet, this author nailed it then on top of it still the pain of loss and the joy and love of the present.  I give this book 5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:


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