The gripping account from an ex-con who went undercover to help the ATF infiltrate three of America's most violent biker gangs

Despite lacking any experience with motorcycle gangs, Charles Falco infiltrated three of America's deadliest biker gangs: the Vagos, Mongols, and Outlaws. In separate investigations that spanned years and coasts, Falco risked his life, suffering a fractured neck and a severely torn shoulder, working deep under cover to bring violent sociopaths to justice.

His dedication was profound; Falco spent almost three years infiltrating the Vagos gang and rose to second in command of the Victorville, California chapter. He even served time in San Bernardino's Murder Unit and endured solitary confinement to protect his cover and the investigations. Falco recorded confessions of gangland-style killings and nearly became a target himself before he sought refuge in the Witness Protection Program. But discontent to remain on the sidelines and motivated by a strong sense of duty, Falco eventually left the Program and volunteer his talents again to infiltrate the Mongols and Outlaws, rising in rank to Vice President of the Petersburg, Virginia Outlaws chapter.

His efforts culminated in sixty two arrests of members for various crimes, including assault and murder. Executing one of this country's most successful RICO prosecutions and effectively crippling the criminal enterprise, Falco's engrossing narrative of the dangers of the biker underworld harkens back to Hunter S. Thompson's classic Hell's Angels, vividly recounting a life undercover.


This book is about a man named Charles Falco who was arrested on drug charges. So the government comes up with a deal to keep him out of prison and that is to become an undercover informant into the Vagos motorcycle biker gang. Never being and informant he did not want to do it at first, but at looking at over 20 years in a federal prison he also figured he had nothing to lose. Not knowing how to ride or even how to get into the gang he must find a way in. the San Bernardino county DA’S office and sheriff’s department were looking at making some type of dent into the Vagos, for the area they controlled from Victorville, to chapters all the way into Death Valley is a huge amount of land. There are so many little areas that most people don’t even know about them. Having grown up in the area that is what first led me to this book. Knowing the areas that he was talking about was useful when he was describing his story. Parts of the with the Vagos you really get the feel of what he was going through especially when he was arrested and stayed in jail and prison in order to fulfill his role as the undercover. You also get his fear at times with both being left alone by the gang and by the law enforcement agency that wanted him to go undercover in the first place. The first part of the book was good and the second part when he goes into witness protection and then decides to work for money as a C.I. to infiltrate the Outlaws from the East Coast who are just as violent. You are taken through his depression and loneliness and his new marriage as well. That part of the story seemed a little jumbled and not as solid as the first half of the book. Overall not a bad book. I gave this book 4 stars. Follow us at 

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