JUST FRIENDS                                              STACY GOLD

Taya Monroe is trying to pick up the pieces of her failed writing career and broken life after walking out on her cheating fiancĂ©. The last thing she needs is a serious relationship. The last thing she wants is a fling. Then she runs into an old friend and ski partner—the one man she always wanted who never wanted her.

Ski Patroller Jordan Wiley is a single dad with zero time or energy for dating. When he reconnects with Taya, his attraction to her is even stronger than before she left him behind for a career in the city. But with a young son to think about, he’s determined to ignore his feelings. Again.

After a magical day on the slopes, a snow storm traps them in an avalanche of chemistry neither can deny. Will their friendship survive the weight of their passion or will they surface as more than friends?
         This was quick in more ways than one.  Two friends who were back in the day were skiing buddies.  They happened to share.  A kiss during a time when Jordan Wiley had just broken up with his on again off again girlfriend.  He had had always been attracted to Taya Monroe yet, when the kiss happened he couldn’t lose and good thing like a best friend if he messed it up by having a romantic relationship. 
     So, he said it meant nothing to him and that he felt nothing other than friendship for her.  To throw her off.  He did alright.  After grad school, they went their separate ways.  Taya always a little embarrassed that she had kissed him and told him how she felt.  With him saying he was not into her the same way.  They were just friends.
     Let’s just say they lost contact.  Whether it be over this or life in general.  Then one day up on the mountain at a ski lodge parking lot she runs into him.  Actually, he notices and seeks her out.
     It turns out he is on the volunteer ski patrol and he is a firefighter full time.  She’s amazed to see him.  He hasn’t changed.  Although, she knew she had gained several pounds.  When he greets her it’s with a full body hug which does crazy things to her.  To say their chemistry was off the charts is an understatement.
     That is why I was so sad to see the author took this to a quick climax actually and literally.  As well as throwing all the character’s issues into this rosy package like no discussion needed.  The End!  I really liked Jordan but felt Taya was lacking.  I really feel it had something but then dropped the ball.
     I give this: 3 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com. 
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