ASHER BLACK                                                PARKER S. HUNTINGTON

He was supposed to kill me. I had done the unthinkable. I called the cops on him, on his family, but he let me live. We became friends, and then... we fell in love.

Lucy Ives is a foster kid, running from her turbulent past. On her first night in New York City, she accidentally calls the cops on the mafia. When their fixer comes to kill her, he spares her life in exchange for a favor--be his fake fiance or die.


Lucy Ives grew up in the foster system and has now made it to college in New York. Taking classes that I cannot pronounce or understand adds to the complex level of this character. Along with her roommate and really only person she considers a friend Aimee, they decide to go out to a popular club named the Rogue. It just so happens to be owned by a very hot looking man named Asher Black. He is a very sharp dresser but is also very lethal. During the course of the night Lucy has one encounter with Mr. Black and after that she is seeing what she believes a women in trouble so she calls 911. Does not leave her name but the operator is not very helpful at first it is a little later when she starts putting everything together and gets rid of her sim card, phone, and is able to make it back to the dance floor to her friend and then they are able to leave. Now leaving she sees Asher up against a police car and over hears them talking when she puts everything together. This club and Asher are part of one or the five crime families of New York. Getting back to the dorm Aimee who at times acts like the( Ell Wood) character from Pretty in Pink with sayings, and hand jesters, is not focusing on what Lucy is saying until she throws a starburst at her. Lucy is scared, nervous for a few days and after a month she thinks everything is good until one day walking into class there sits Asher Black, and on top of that her first professor doesn’t even notice and her second class he knows the professor and she allows him to sit in and after a short bit it is like he is teaching the class and actually better than the professor. It is after this that the story takes off and you find out how he found her and then how she became his fiancĂ©. Moving into his apartment that actually is quit cool even with an indoor shooting range, work out (gym) and of course decorated tastefully in black. You find out more about Asher’s life and Lucy’s and slowly how they become to like each other and there is one scene when thinking back on it I realized that he was falling in love with her way before you think they are. There is so much to this book the character besides the main two are all very good. The girls that bother her and Aimee at school, Xavier her bodyguard, Tony who designs and makes her new cloths, even Monica who you don’t like. The writing and the way Miss. Huntington added current reverences to T.V. shows being cancelled or not being able to get a hold of Shawn from “Psych” or the guys from “Person of Interest” I thought added to Lucy’s character. Being a foster child she probably always talked to herself in her head. For me it added to that character. The gear and weapons that were talked about were all factual and even better thought out I felt than “James Bond”. I thought that this book was a fantastic read. Thank you Miss Huntington for allowing me to read your book I look forward to reading your work in the future. I gave this book 5 stars. Follow us at

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