BEAUTIFULLY UNDONE (The Beaumont Brothers #3)

BEAUTIFULLY UNDONE                            SUSAN GRISCOM

Can be read as a Stand-alone

He was broken.

Full of hate and sorrow.

Asher Beaumont never asked for much in life. All he wanted was to play his guitar, write music, and be recognized and loved by his father. Unfortunately, that last desire was never realized. The bastard died when Asher was just a kid. Then thirteen years later, his mother dies of a brain tumor, shattering him even more and leaving him hating everyone around him, except for his two best friends, Melody Stevens and her brother, Teddy.

Melody Stevens has crushed on her best friend, Asher Beaumont her entire life. But it’s always been a secret passion. Never something she’d act upon. But when she tells Asher she’s prepared—and determined—to lose her virginity to a guy he considers to be nothing more than a cad who sleeps with anything that wears a skirt, her best friend offers her a proposition she can’t really refuse.

When Asher stumbles across a letter left by his mother before her death, begging him to seek out his half-brothers, he and Melody begin a journey of discovery. Their travels lead them to the two brothers he has spent his life despising because they had the life he always wanted. While on their trip, they discover a miracle they never, ever considered.

A stand-alone book 3, in The Beaumont Brothers Series with an HEA for Adults 18+ 

     Wow!  What a friend to lovers book this is.  I really enjoyed this couple because they were two of a trio that had grown up together.  The third Teddy is Melody Stevens’ older brother who is one year older than her and Asher Beaumont.  And Asher is one week older than she is.
     But, Teddy after college, which he went away to Arizona, stayed and got a high-power job out-the-gate.  So, coming home other than the holidays was rare.  The trio was lopsided.  Asher and Melody did everything together.  They both played guitar and sang but only Ash performed professionally.  She was there for every concert when she wasn’t working odd jobs.  Since she was old enough for boys to notice Mel.  Ash warned them if they tried any funny business they would answer to him.
     Which they all took as ‘she was his!’  The only ones that didn’t know it was Ash and Mel.  Although, Mel has been in love with Ash since they were toddlers.  You see their moms were best friends even though they didn’t move next door until they were in grade school.
     Now at twenty-one Ash was facing a tough time his mom just passed and Mel, she knows he needs her, but he’s pushing her away.  So, she leaves him to it, so he thinks.  When she comes to the place, he needed to be and he’s crumpled to the ground she engulfs him.  He knew it was her without even looking and he is so relieved.  He says, “Thank you.”  And that she was right, he needed her.
     When they leave there, they go to a coffee house and a guy he hates asks her out and she says, ‘yes.’  He can’t believe it.  He spends most of the night trying to talk her out of it because the guy is a man-whore.  She says good I need to turn in my V-card since you scared everyone else off and I’ve never even been on a date because of my brother and you.  Which absolutely shocked him.  How could that be he thought.

     In all the years of friendship, he never noticed.  See how these two maneuvers through this delightful minefield of losing your V-card, what love really means and how you really define family.  I give this 5 ++++ stars.  Provided by Amazon free
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