DRIFTWOOD HERO                                      LENORA WORTH

                                   When reclusive war hero, Sam Hinson, is asked to be the best man for his friend Brodie Steven, he heads to the small town of Spirit, Louisiana, only to find out from the bride’s gorgeous older sister that he needs to deliver the “best man” speech at the wedding reception. He doesn’t like to even be in a crowd, let along speak to one. 

Still hurting from her ex-husband, Madeline Sonnier Parker is ready for a little temporary romance. She tells Sam she’ll help him write his toast to the bride and groom if he’ll help her aggravate her ex-husband. But Sam’s been used before, and after being around Madeline, he decides he wants more than what she’s willing to give. 

Their pact sets off a string of revealing old hurts and new fears as Sam and Madeline come together. But once they begin opening up to each other, they realize that this wedding bargain might just be the start to something more 

Sam Hinson is a recluse and a war hero not in his mind in the mind of others. He has been asked by his best friend Brodie Steven to be the best man and it is not until he arrives for the wedding that remembers all of the other gatherings that take place prior to the wedding. Sam enjoys his quiet time alone and of course not having to talk to people unless he really must. Now he is introduced to the maid of honor Madeleine Parker who is dealing still with the betrayal from her ex-husband and has not told her family want really happened to cause the divorce because she is afraid her daddy will shot him,( I’m for the daddy) just saying. When he realizes that he must give a toast which means speaking in front of everyone he would rather be back on the battle field. Madeleine agrees to help him and in turn they end help helping each other. Though they are scared when they start to have feelings for one another she is taken by surprise when Sam stands up for her against her ex-husband and when he faces he fear at the wedding can she do the same with her family and more importantly with Sam who she now fears that she has lost. This is a very story and has wonderful characters. A very good book, and worth the read. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave this book 5 stars. Follow us atwww.1rad-readerreviews.com

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