An ambitious Southern belle
Marabelle Fairchild knows she's a gal who can get things done. Feeling unappreciated at the exclusive private school where she's a kindergarten aide and varsity tennis coach, Marabelle determines to score with the next big fundraiser. What she doesn't expect? A smokin' hot football coach to throw her off her game...

A reclusive NFL bachelor...
NFL coach Nick Frasier is Raleigh's most eligible bachelor, but he wants to focus on his career...not his playboy status. He doesn't need a smart-mouthed, pint-sized kindergarten teacher pestering him. So he cuts Marabelle a deal—in exchange for Nick sponsoring a bachelor auction starring him and his gorgeous celebrity pals, Marabelle will pose as his fiancĂ©e to ward off unwanted advances.

What could possibly go wrong?


This was an interesting book about a woman who is working at a private school as a teacher and a tennis coach. She is really forced into heading the event for the year raising money since she is not full- time, and the fact the most eligible bachelor in town and former pro quarterback has a nephew in her kindergarten class. Taking the task by the horns she plows through and when he says no at first she stays driven and gets him to agree to sign footgear since he is the head football coach of the pro team in town. He does call her tinker bell when they first met but when she grabs him he can’t believe how her body feels because she wears baggy clothes and does not really care about appearance. From there he begins to see just how much of a spit fire she is when she shows up at his house un announce because she felt he was backing out of there meeting. This is when things change because some of the players from the team are there and they take a liking to her. When he does meet her for the meeting at a restaurant upset with the way two women are talking about her in front of her he announces that they are engaged. The story takes a turn and the more you get into it he becomes jealous when he finds his players hanging out at her house for a home cooked meal and watching TV. Morgan and Nick each have their own issues and problems they must work them out if they want to actually have a relationship and not a fake relationship. They must not only work between themselves but also others around them. They discover more about each other when he shows up in Atlanta to help her at her parents and after one other set back you are hoping that they can get together. I just have to say reading some of the other reviews people mentioned that they did not liked Nick all that much, but I found it much worse what the other women said about Morgan behind her back and getting her fired, at least he said Tinkerbell to her face and if you the character if she did not like it she would have said something. Far worse backstabbing than what some people thought what his character did. OK I found this to be a great story with many different characters and for what it is a story, a very well written book. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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