Author: Here Friday 7 pm PST. 1 Rad-Reader Reviews Interview Scheduled Guest Authors: June 30 – Rolynn Anderson Lie Catchers

Author: Here

Friday 7 pm PST.  

July 7 - Susan Griscom
Beautifully Undone

1 Rad-Reader Reviews

Interviews Scheduled
Guest Authors:

July 7 - Violetta R
One Taste of Angel

July 14 - JP Dover
Hard Stick

July 21 - Gillian Archer

July 28 – Lynne Marshall
Her Baby, His Love

Aug. 4 – Mary E. Thompson
Chubby & Charming #1

Aug. 11 – Heidi McLaughlin
Grand Slam #3

Aug. 15 - Violetta Rand
One Taste of Angel

Sept. 15 – Trish Milburn
The Rancher’s Surprise Baby

Every Friday 7 pm PST. 

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