CHUBBY & CHARMING (Big & Beautiful #1)

CHUBBY & CHARMING                               MARY E. THOMPSON

A charming man could be the icing on one chubby woman's cupcake. 

Mandy likes her life. She's happy. She has great friends, a good job, a happy life. She has it all, even if it comes with a few extra pounds. But Mandy doesn't mind. She knows who she is and she likes cupcakes too much to worry about the weight. 

But a stroke of luck, and a phone call to her customer service job, brings Xander Carlson into her life. He's everything she's not. Attractive, built, and sexy as all hell. And for some reason, he wants to meet Mandy. 

In person. 

In real life. 

Mandy isn't sure what to make of Xander's insistence that he wants her, but she drops her guard and lets him in. Juggling her new relationship, a possible promotion, and the coworker from hell, Mandy knows it can't all end up happily ever after. 

Especially if Xander ends up being the man she feared he was - someone who judges her by her weight. 

***Mature Audiences Only! This book contains mature language and explicit descriptions of sexual encounters including foreplay, oral sex, and intercourse.***

   This was a highly charged sexual erotica, that happens to be a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) book.  Yet, you have a real story of a woman who has a problem even looking at her own body let alone thinking about a man seeing it.  That she never thinks of it.  
     This woman, Mandy Ryan, is happy and content with her life.  Yes, she would like a partner to share it with along with her own family but can’t see that anytime soon.  She has a great job, as a customer service rep for an insurance company.  She is even up for a promotion.  Plus, she has the best friends in the world.
     Claire, she has known since high school.  Sam and Addie, she has known since college.  Both Sam and Addie know what it is like to be a fatty they are both BBW’s.  Well, one day on her hotline she gets a call from a Xander Carlson.  He needed to get a claim adjusted and this was like his third time calling about it.  He was very polite about it.  Not to mention extremely flirty which was fun.  But it also flustered her.
     Then he was asking to meet her after several more calls in.  When they finally agree to meet there are sparks for sure.  Yet, in the back of her mind, there is something telling her he is too good to be true.  See what all goes on.  Is she right or is she just scare and projecting her fears.

     I enjoyed it better than I thought.  It does revolve around sex just so you know but the story is there.  Yet, the storyline deals with real life BBW issues.  Can Xander meet her needs?  Can Mandy sooth the beast.  Can they come together and calm the fears?  I give this book 4 stars.  Provided by Amazon free.  Follow us at

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