MR. RICH                                                       VIRNA DePAULA

She finds a wallet (not a shoe), and he’s a billionaire (not a prince), but this time, Cinderella’s turning the tables. . . .

Julia: Shilling samples at a grocery store isn’t exactly my dream job. Yet here I am, tray in hand and a fake smile plastered on my face. The one highlight is seeing him. I don’t know his name, but if I did, I’d scream it during the naughty dreams he inspires. He’s crazy handsome, all confidence and an air of power. He’s never said a word to me. Never even looked in my direction. Then one day he literally falls at my feet. Now I have his wallet. I know where he lives. And I’ve found the nude photos of him online.

It’s not the bruschetta on her tray he really wants to taste. . . .

Bastian: I’ve dated models, doctors, and CEOs, but something about Julia Rominger has me intrigued . . . and more than a little aroused. Maybe it’s her lush curves driving me wild. Or the fact that she has no problem telling me to go to hell. Either way, she’s seen me at my worst; I want to hit her with my best. I know where to touch, where to kiss, and just how far to push to drive her crazy. Soon, however, pleasuring Julia isn’t enough. I want to possess her. I need to make her mine. And I’ll fight to the bitter end to win her heart.

     After reading some of the other reviews I was leery of what I would find within the pages of this book.  But I must say I was pleasantly surprised.
     The story revolves around Julia Rominger and Sabastian (Bastian) Rich.  One of your most unlikely couples around.  So, when asked about the samples she served and handed out at Cooper’s Grocery store she couldn’t believe he spoke.  You see she had been lusting after Bastian for weeks.  Since the first time, he had come in to get his vitamins.  Heck Kevin, her gay husband, covertly or not, had taken pics of his ass, for his collection.
     When she got her tongue back she said, “Wings.” Then she told him she needed to go to the back to get more. When she comes back out he is out cold right in front of her stand.  She calls 911 and they ask her to check for ID.  She gets his wallet and finds out who he is.  In all the excitement when the ambulance gets there she had put the wallet in her pocket and forgot about it.  So, when she remembered is when they were wheeling him out of the store she ran after him but they were already pulling away. 
     Against her bosses orders, she ran to the cab stand and told the driver to follow that ambulance.  He said no way.  Then she opened the wallet and saw the that there was a hundred dollar bill and flashed it.  He took it and they were off.  They were doing good until the cab broke down.  Then it was a bus back to work for her.  Two days later when she got her courage up she decided to take it to her office.  You see she is a curvy girl and not someone guys look at twice really not even once.  So, she didn’t even think if she ran into him he would remember her. 
     When she waiting to meet with him a client comes out of his office that she recognizes as one of the best rockers out there right now Ryland Masters.  She loves his music.  They talk and have a great conversation.  For its just two people talking so when he asks for her number, she thinks nothing of it.  And he leaves saying maybe they can take soon and maybe jam together.  You see she used to play and sing.
     When Bastian comes out to talk to his assistant and sees her he is abrupt and rude.  To her and then to Julia.  Which in turn makes Julia extra pissy.  So, she has to not only take up for his assistant but for herself too.  He wants to know why she is there.  She says to return his wallet.  Then he says, “Then why didn’t you return it two days ago when I ended up in the hospital?”  Now she was pissed because the guy who seemed so quiet and nice each time he came into Coopers turns out to be an ass. So, she lets him have it.  Telling him how ungrateful and rude he is.  That because he had so much money in it, she didn’t want it to fall into the wrong hands.  But now he could just as soon shove it for she cared.
     Bastian knew he owed her a great big apology.  It had just caught him off guard seeing her.  He wasn’t prepared.  He felt exposed to her.  He had been scoping her out for weeks getting up the nerve to ask her out.  But now that he found out that his lupus was back he couldn’t do that to her.  But he really wanted to be with her.  There was just something about her.  Watching her and listening until he could get his nerve up to ask her out instead when he does he ends up needing to go to the hospital.
     This was a much better book than some of the reviews gave it.  This is a short erotic, romantic, funny, and yet complex love story.  There are a lot of layers to get through due to the secrets they have and choose to keep from each other.  Once they do share emotions are heightened a great deal and you see one again if for no other reason but to say “F” you to Sabastian she changes her life for the better.
     I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by Follow us at

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