HONEY                                                             J. P. COMBE

On the surface, Marcus Holt has it all. His wealth and appearance ensures there’s an endless supply of beautiful women falling at his feet. And that’s how he likes them – submissive. But when he meets Joanne, the beautiful, petite, feisty woman with hair the colour of honey, she has him questioning the driving principles of his life – discipline, control and no strings.

For single mum Joanne Michaels, the overdue bills keep piling up and her life is a never-ending cycle of work, parenting and chores. She dreams of a brief escape from her mundane life, and a chance encounter with Marcus offers her one. But his sexual proposition comes with conditions. As Marcus unleashes Joanne’s deepest desires, she begins to question if the price is too high and if she and Marcus are in too deep.

Is it possible for a man who’s only known passion to learn what it feels like to truly love?


This is an interesting story about a wealthy man and business owner Marcus Holt who one day is working at a home for one of his employees. When he is introduced to the woman’s children. The woman Joanne Michaels, she is working and trying to make the best of things after losing her husband two years ago. Trying to make her paycheck last week to week, Marcus is attracted to this blond beauty and how in just a brief meeting she has a positive attitude. Not knowing that he is actually the owner of the business she offers him a beer and lets him know that she will no longer be needing their services. He, of course, takes care of the bill and decides to see what else he can do for her and the two children. He wants to date her and she is wanting to take everything slowly because she does not understand why a man like him would want to be with a woman with two children, especially with him with no children and speaking like he does not want any. What he wants is first to be with her in the bed and when he is able to do that she is open to a whole new world. She slowly allows him in theirs life’s little by little. The one thing that is a problem for him is that every time that there is a problem he thinks it can be fixed with either money or sex. She shows him that those are not the answers as they are getting closer and he is working at getting closer to both of the children she breaks up with him after a dinner date with some of his friends. This takes him a while to figure out but will he finally grow up and put everything together? Read this fun but at times serious story that has some very hot sex scenes. Overall a very good book. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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