All I Ask (Man Enough #1)

ALL I ASK                                                        NICOLE McLAUGHLIN

Staff Sargent Reeve Miller lives by his own golden rules: Train hard, work hard, and f*ck hard. This way of thinking has served him well. He’s enjoyed a successful career in the military, started his own landscaping business while serving part time in the Guard, and left a string of very happy females in his wake… until he meets one feisty, smart woman in a bar looking for a one-night stand.

Emily Phillips is tired of working her ass off and not enjoying her life. According to her accountant, Emily is a millionaire. But her friends say she is a workaholic heading for lonely spinsterhood. The night of her high school best friend’s bachelorette party seems like a good time to try something new, and when the blue-collar hottie at the bar gives her the look, she’s ready to take a walk on the wild side. He makes it clear that he can give her a night to keep her very satisfied, and since it’s only a night, why bother sharing her title of CEO? But as one night becomes two and three, both Reeve and Emily find it harder to keep their hearts safe.


Emily Phillips is with some friends from high school for a bachelorette party for the one women who she has always considered her best friend. Now sitting by herself while everyone is dancing she is reading a book on her IPad and wondering why she can’t be like the female in the story and be daring for a change and pick up a guy. She does have a few rules and one is not to be with a man who is in the military, because her step father a Marine General is not a nice man and they do not have a relationship. She is a millionaire who owns a company that she took over after her grandfather passed away. Reeve Miller owns his own landscaping business and after leaving the Marines he joined the National Guard. Now at the same honky tonk he decides to take a chance and walk across the dance floor and her for a dance afterwards they end up leaving on his bike like the women in her book. After a wonderful time with Reeve she wakes up early and sneaks out of his house and walks back to get her car to get ready for work. Once there she sees that a company has shown up to work on a design for a new patio for her company and she wants to save the tree that she planted with her grandfather. The problem comes in when the company that was hired is Reeve’s company and she does not want him to know that she is the owner and millionaire. She has another employee work with him, but it is difficult for her to listen to other female employee’s talk about Reeve and his looks. Reeve on the other hand is working through why the hot woman he went home with was gone when he got up in the morning. He is also dealing with a mother who is a hoarder and he is embarrassed by her, but also must deal with her. When he does find Emily and they are able to go out on a date she still does not tell him who she is, but the more time they spend together the more she finds that she really likes him and she knows that she needs to tell him. This all comes to a head when there is a tornado in their town and with him being in the National Guard he is called into action. He decides to go to the business because he is worried about the tree and it causing damage. This is where he finds out that she is the owner of the company and he wishes she would have told him earlier. I thought it was good showing how he went to the Armory even when his house was destroyed, but knew he needed to help others. Can they find a way to make it back to one another and make it work? Read this very good story and find out. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us

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