Hard Way (Jon Reznick #4)

HARD WAY                                                       J.B. TURNER

Jon Reznick has never played by the rules, a trait that has brought him into conflict with FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein in the past. But now Meyerstein has been taken by a shadowy gang, and the renegade black-ops specialist may be her only hope for rescue.
The FBI are reluctant to let Reznick anywhere near the case, but he’s not in the habit of seeking their permission—especially once his covert investigation leads him straight to the head of the Russian mob. And it soon becomes clear that it’s not only Meyerstein who’s in danger: her abduction is just the start of a campaign to undermine American law and order.
With Meyerstein’s whereabouts unknown, and the CIA and FBI seemingly operating at cross-purposes, it falls to Reznick to go it alone. Can he get to Meyerstein before the mob get to him?

This was a very fast paced book from the beginning to the end. With lots of action and intrigue. Jon Reznick has special skills and they don’t fit into the FBI’S rule book and that is where he is at right now because the assistant Director Martha Meyerstein is missing. She actually was kidnapped. You the reader know who but not the why? When Jon goes to the FBI to help look for her it is because she went to bat for him years before in saving his daughter, now he is returning or trying to if he can find her. The story takes you through many different agencies and the people with their agendas are looking for something totally different. What they were not expecting was Reznick, and even when they think they have him down and out he is only back stronger and more determined for a fight. This is a fantastic book and I am going to need to make time to go back and read the books before this one because it feels like they would be just as good. A really good book with good characters, liked it all around. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

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