The Cowboy's Renegade Bride (The McCall Brothers Book 2)


Jenny Wentworth returns in disgrace to her hometown of Honor, TX. After being left high and dry at the altar, she's done with men. However, there's nothing more precious to her than being a loving mother and creating the family she's always longed to have. But she needs help in the baby making department.. 

Sheriff Caleb McCall longs to save his family’s ranch and legacy. His beloved Gramps nearly lost it all, so he and his brothers are doing everything in their power to bring it back to life again. Hard work and dedication aren't enough. Unexpectedly, help comes from his buddy's sister Jenny, who he refused to get involved with all those years ago. 

When Jenny reunites with her brother’s best friend, she can’t ignore her growing feelings for the honorable Sheriff McCall. Are his kisses real or just a temporary distraction for his ongoing fight for the McCall Ranch? Can she risk her battered heart one more time to find out the answer?


Jenny Wentworth has come back to her home town and feels disgraced once again because she was dumped at the altar. Now not knowing where to turn she looks to her home town of Honor Texas, to find some type of peace in her life. Home for her is not very peaceful she does not know where her brother is at and once again her home does not feel like home. That changes when her brothers’ best friend and someone she has always had a crush on shows up at her house. Sheriff Caleb McCall has also liked Jenny for a long time, actually since he saw her one time in summer in a green bikini, now he is hoping she is staying in town. He is looking at saving his families ranch and to do that he would like to marry and have children. The problem is the woman he would like to marry never stays in town long enough for him to even ask her out on a date. He now stops that point by kissing her and wouldn’t you know it her drunken brother shows up. Once he is sober he is happy with her dating his best friend and thinks it is the best thing she could do. The next thing he does is goes to an AA meeting to work on staying sober. Caleb finally lets Jenny know his true feelings for her and that includes marriage. Show her his home and tells her she can decorate and change as she pleases, but when she receives a phone call now will she run from Caleb or stay, maybe he should arrest her. Read this story and find out what happens. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at (less)

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