All Fired Up (Love Unexpected Book 1)

ALL FIRED UP                                                CARMINE VALENTINE

A dare puts Marianne Dunaway back in her hometown on Orcas Island. She’s hoping that it’s the fastest few months known to man. When she learns that someone hasn’t been so nice to her sister and grandfather while she’s been away, and a threatening note shows up at her gate with allegations that her grandfather has connections to stolen jewels, the woman used to a pampered city life has only one person she can turn to for help and he’s unlike any man she’s ever met before. 
Jack Sanders has a dangerous air about him and has ‘bad boy’ written all over him. He also has a connection to her grandfather’s past. Fighting the strong attraction that she feels for him, and before she can trust him completely, she’s accepting his offer in order to safeguard her family. His protection in exchange for room and board for him and a homeless teenager who he’s taken under his wing. She has no doubt that Jack can take on those behind the threats whose next demands make it clear that they’re prepared to go to great lengths if the Dunaway family does not produce the jewels that have long been thought to be only folklore. 
There’s a lot at stake for Marianne. Not only does she realize how much she’s missed her hometown, but having Jack and the teenager under her roof has given her a taste of what it would feel like to have her own family. But Jack’s made it clear that nothing can tie him down. Even if they can stop whomever is behind the threats, dare she risk one night with Jack knowing that she could lose her heart to this man who could be gone tomorrow? 


This story begins with Marianne Dunaway going back to her home town on Orcas Island after buying a piece of property there. On the ferry ride, she is drawn to a man you find out is Jack Sanders who is also going to the same Island after inheriting an old mansion. These two will continue to run into each other while trying to figure out what is going on with not only the both of them but also her sister and her grandfather. For Jack, he is finding out things about his grandfather that is not all that good especially that he had a different last name. Marianne is just trying to figure out why people mainly her neighbor is acting strangely. As the mystery goes along there is a cast of characters, some funny moments, and some suspenseful ones too. You also find out about an old tale of stolen jewels from when his grandfather, and hers here younger and they were never recovered. There is also the fact that someone is messing with her sister and her grandfather social security checks. All of these and some others items are all cleared up by the time you get to the end. A good book with good characters. I gave this book 4 stars. Follow us at

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