BECKONED: a steamy, second-chance romance inspired by food, travel and Jane Austen.

Can fire and ice both survive?

Fire and ice have nothing on Angela HolguĂ­n and fellow MBA student Soren Lund. When they first met at school in the exciting seaside city of Barcelona, Angela was intrigued by the aloof Dane; he was enthralled by the vivacious Californian. But their timing was off and they went their separate ways – until Fate and Destiny put them back in the same city: London. 

In the British capital, Angela and Soren not only reunite, their desire reignites. This time they are determined not to let love slip through their fingers. They tumble into each other’s arms and embark upon a passionate journey that takes them from the chic, bustling streets of London to the romantic, historic byways of Bath and back again. It is there, at their final destination, that Angela and Soren must face reality. While opposites attract, they might not be able to coexist. In the next three days, they will have to decide if what they have is truly love or simply the beckoning of desire. 


     It’s funny part two gave me more of a gut emotion than part one did.  I saw Thomas for what he was a drunk.  I kind of figured him out in the first book but was yelling at Angela, “Wake up when are you going to see it?” 
     Soren on the other hand just seemed like this insecure man-boy.  Yet, now in this book, I am seeing him as someone who likes to have total control and who might want to let go emotionally but is afraid he won’t be able to find his way back from that and God forbid what would his father think?  Of course, this is the father he didn’t like and is growing up but emulate now.
     He seems emotionally vacant which is why he needs so much reassurance to make sure he is doing it correctly.  He has only really had sexual relationships, not emotional ones.  Walking away comes easily to him.  What Angela saw in Barcelona should have been her tell of what she could expect from Soren.
     She likes to live in the dream world of her books to see what is really happening in her reality for fear of the past pains can jump up and bite her again and she doesn’t want to feel that again.
     Soren wanted the perfect week for her.  When there is no perfect.  Life is a splendid mess of good and bad.  But rather than use his words to tell her or his body to show her.  He tried to control his and her environment to make it appear how he wanted to be.  So, really, they aren’t that much different it’s just their approach.
      He may very well be falling in love with Angela but it will not get too far if he continues to not include her in his plans of what he wants for the present and the future.  He too is living in his own private dream world.
     When he starts to figure out he may be being possessive rather showing his love the damage may have already been started to fester a little resentment started.  Causing a domino effect of emotions to play on old emotions from a past experience from an old scary relationship for Angela.  Can she go through something like that again with Soren? 
     I was given this book from the author.  I found myself frustrated at the end of this book because once again Soren, was as he was throughout the whole book a tease.  I was so frustrated with what Angela would put up with as a woman from the men she would date.  It’s as if she never learned a thing from that relationship that she says she’s afraid of and couldn’t face.  I understand why she didn’t learn from it.

     The writing is good.  As you can see it brought out a plate full of emotion to serve up.  I give this book 4 stars.  I was given this book by the author.  Follow us at www.

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