JAMIE'S CHOICE (Bringing Jamie Home Trilogy Book 1)

JAMIE'S CHOICE                                                                SHERILE REILLY

No kids! No pets! No men! 
It’s the perfect life for uptight thirty-seven-year-old Rachel McGivney, a career-woman who’s struggled for years to gain a foothold in business and keep her emotions under control. 
When Garrett Yates, her high school crush and now a high-powered lawyer, returns to town and wants to foist Jamie Sorenson, a mischievous nine-year-old orphan and his aggravating sheep dog, on her, Rachel rebels. 
She doesn’t want the kid or his dog, and she’s definitely not ready to be Jamie’s guardian. That would open up too many sad memories of a time when she was involved in a disastrous event, involving another young child. 
To complicate matters, Garrett’s presence reminds Rachel of unrequited love. Handsome and persistent, Garrett believes in Rachel and trusts her to be the right person for Jamie. 
But can Rachel learn to trust herself?


     This was a very unusual story in a way that you have a mother give her ten-year-old son away to her neighbor she had only met a few times.  No, not because she is heartless but because she loves him more than anything in the world.  Rachel McGivney had just moved back into town after being gone since she had started college.
     Now at thirty-eight, she had started her own interior and renovation business.  Since her hometown was growing leaps and bounds she was doing very well.  Since moving into the house a year ago she had done some remodeling and other changes around her own home and still had time to work and bring dinner to the elderly lady Dottie next door.
     So, when Elena Sorenson gave her name on the very short list to her lawyer, Garrett Yates, he encouraged her to seek her out for an interview.  Saying he knew her and her merits which held a great standing for Elena.  You see Garrett is Jamie’s godfather.
     So, when she had met the few times with Rachel she fell in love with her.  Never knowing each time Rachel had really come over to complain about her son or his dog but couldn’t because she looked so bad.  Especially, the first time when Jamie had picked her prize-winning tulips.  But when she saw the two in a vase next to his mom's chair it tugged at her heart.  With his little boy, not of love.
     When she met Garrett again at a June Christmas party Elena was having because she knew her time was limited.  She was floored.  Coming to find out he was her counsel for her estate and Jamie.
     Then it made sense when he had come on to her at the party he was softening her up so she would take Jamie.  She was hurt.  That is why her mom had always said stay a virgin, guys will do anything for what they want.
     Will she take Jamie willingly?  Is Garrett into or buttering Rachel up so she will take Jamie?  Will Rachel’s past rear its ugly head, causing her trouble here in the present?  I give this book 5 stars.  Provided by the author. 

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