Her Sexy Challenge (Firefighters of Station 1 #1)

HER SEXY CHALLENGE                               SARAH  BALLANCE

Caitlin Tyler doesn’t do bridges—she just doesn’t know it until she lands her dream job and freezes halfway across her new town’s towering death span. Cue the cocky, infuriating fireman who goads her off the bridge. He’s hot, but he’s also exactly the kind of guy she wants to avoid…which she manages to do for a whole four hours.
Lt. Shane Hendricks is only two weeks away from leaving Dry Rock. He sure as hell doesn’t need to get involved with a woman he has to rescue twice in one day. The fact that she’s clearly annoyed by him doesn’t deter him from throwing down a challenge—one that proves hard to resist for all the wrong reasons. 
They’re moving in different directions. Leaving should be easy, but falling for Caitlin might be the one fire he can’t put out…


What a great story that gets you from the beginning and does not let you go until the end. You are introduced to Caitlin Tyler while she is stuck part way on a bridge and cannot make it across the rest of the way. Now for some reason, she does not hear the sirens or that even traffic has been stopped. Enter fire Lt. Shane Hendricks who cannot wait for the transfer out of this small town to Denver where he won’t be rescuing damsels off bridges but fighting fires like real firemen should be doing. That is until he gets close enough to Caitlin and she actually takes his breath away. She also missed a button on her blouse and though she may not be able to cross the bridge she can tell the sexy firemen (which she thinks is a job requirement), that her eyes are up here and hence the banter between these two begin. Once off the bridge and thinking her day cannot get any worse her book store begins to have black smoke billowing out from it. Not seeing any flames but remembering seeing a fire extinguisher in the back she is shocked by a noise and proceeds to spray one said Lt. from this morning’s bridge fiasco with its contents. This, of course, makes a lasting impression not only on Shane but on the day. Not including when he asks her if she has any fans, and she likes the ones on Facebook, and he says no like the ones to circulate air to get the smoke out. His next day off as a public service to the town he decides to show up at her book store to spend the day with her. Her not wanting him there so she gave him cinnamon roll flavored coffee when he wanted regular, and she told him to go to a convince store. He also wanted to read a book so she gave him a 100-year-old book on child birthing, then a book on feminism, and finally “Private Sex Advice to Women”. These different types of books in her store were left there by the previous owners and would come up throughout the story. She would also find out that he would be leaving for Denver in two weeks and though she did not want to go out with him she did. She also fell in love with him and when he left everyone told him he was an idiot because she was the only person that not only kept him on his toes but gave it right back to him and good as he dished it out. He was a USDA IDIOT. She does face her fears and sends him a picture of her crossing the bridge without him showing him she is moving. From there the story continues and actually gets better, the ending was better than even I was expecting. Her fears are explained and I could actually understand them growing up in an area where flash floods would happen so fast without any warning. Overall this is a fantastic story and I liked Lexi, Marco, his mother, and all of the characters in the book. The banter between the two main characters does not let up and believe me that only adds to the story. A wonderful book. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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