Leave The Night On (Cottonbloom #4)

LEAVE THE NIGHT ON                                 LAURA TRENTHAM

Sutton Mize is known for lavishing attention on the customers who flock to her boutique on the wealthy side of her Mississippi town. So when she finds a lace thong in her fiance's classic cherry-red Camaro, she knows just who she sold it to: her own best friend. In an instant, Sutton's whole world goes up in flames. . .

Wyatt Abbott has harbored a crush on Sutton since he was a young kid from the other side of the tracks. He witnessed Sutton's shocking discovery in the Camaro at his family-owned garage--and it made him angry. What kind of man could take lovely, gorgeous Sutton for granted? But then Sutton comes up with an idea: Why not give her betrothed a taste of his own medicine and pretend that she's got a lover of her own? Wyatt is more than happy to play the hot-and-heavy boyfriend. But what begins as a fictional affair soon develops into something more real, and more passionate, than either Sutton or Wyatt could have imagined. Could it be that true love has been waiting under the hood all along?


A very good book about two people one Wyatt Abbott who owns a garage along with his four brothers. They live over the river in Louisiana. The other side of the river is Mississippi and that is where Sutton Mize lives and owns a boutique. Her father is a judge and everyone knows the Abbotts and their garage. She also knows Wyatt from school and thinks that he hates her but when it is explained later in the story you can tell it was just a country boy having a crush on a city girl. Who doesn’t likes snakes not all of them are piousness, and they are better than giving her a salamander, which I agree. She didn’t like the snake. Now years later she is bringing her fiancĂ©s classic Camaro in for restoration as his wedding present. Wyatt suggests that they go through it before she leaves it and upon looking he finds a women’s undergarments under the seat. Thinking that they were hers he shows them to her but alas they are hers but she knows who’s they are since she ordered them out of her boutique special order her so called best friend. The best friend who is supposed to give her a ride back into town which Wyatt tells her he will take her back. Now the fun begins later that night when her fiancĂ© confronts her thinking he did nothing wrong, but when the other women show up also, she tells them that she and Wyatt have been seeing each other for some time now as well. Neither of them believes her and later that night she tells Wyatt what she did and could he be her boyfriend for the next few events that are coming where she needs a date. Not knowing that he has been in love with her since they were kids he agrees, even if it means his heart shattering into pieces at the end. Along the way she finds things out about Wyatt and his family, but also she is trying to work things out with herself and yet when he tells her through words “I love you” it is the girl that runs not the guy. Now she must decide what to do before it is too late. A very good story that actually gets better as you go along. Excellent characters, and very good scenes that are both funny and sad at times. Overall a very good book. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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