Record of Wrongs (Redemption County #1)

RECORD OF WRONGS                                  SHARON KAY

Cruz Zaffino leaves prison after a serving a decade for a crime he didn’t commit. With his life all over the internet, there’s nowhere he can go to avoid his illicit past. Involved with one of Chicago’s toughest gangs, he made enemies bent on ruining everything he has. Nowhere is beyond their reach. 

Every day, Rosie Marlow lives with the scars from the worst mistake of her life. It’s the one secret she has in her tiny, gossip-fueled town. When Cruz walks into her bar, covered in tattoos and dangerous attitude, she’s captivated. His rough sexuality makes her melt, and his harsh experience calls to her own broken soul. But her story is private and buried so deep, she’s never had the strength to share it. 

She’s the unexpected light to his darkness, yet he knows she’s hiding something. Sultry summer nights in each other’s arms weaken her resistance and taunt her with the idea of forever. But as his adversaries draw close, can she love him enough to let him go? 


Cruz Zaffino is released from prison after ten years for a crime that he did not commit. Now that he has left the big city of Chicago he has ended up in a small town looking for a new life. A start over. One night in a bar he meets Rosie Marlow, she has grown up in Sundown, Illinois. Her brother Shane is a sheriff and he knows all about Cruz and though he wants to give him the benefit of the doubt Cruz does come to Rosie’s aid one night which helps his cause, and that Rosie likes Cruz. You are taken through the two of them getting to know one another and the country girl trying to bring it to the city boy. She is also wanting to open up to him about her past which was an accident and she feels guilty about. The reasons for this are explained in the story and her fears are in part because of a small town. Cruz though helps her as much as she helps him. The real story is can his past stay in the past or will it find its way to small town American. A very good story and good characters. Overall a good book. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at 

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