Stalked (ALIAS #1)

STALKED                                                          LISA HUGHEY

USA Today Bestselling Author Lisa Hughey has a new series! What do you do when you’re in danger but no one believes you? Adams-Larsen Inc and Associates, ALIAS, helps ordinary citizens in danger when they need to disappear.

Stalked: Opposites attract, unfortunately.

Rule follower, Federal US Deputy Marshal Alex Saunders has been assigned to protect a federal judge after the judge receives death threats. This detail is standard until the judge insists on his son’s PR firm provide backup security, which isn’t even in the rule book. But because Alex is already in hot water, he follows orders to keep the judge happy.

Rule breaker, and former CIA analyst, Kita Kim reluctantly agrees to go undercover, posing as the judge’s aide slash girlfriend, but in return she expects her boss at ALIAS to help her protect an abused woman and her nieces even though technically keeping the children from their father is against the law.

From the very start, Alex and Kita disagree about everything. But their sizzling attraction continues to grow as the threats against the judge escalate and put them all in danger. Can these two opposites find enough common ground outside the bedroom, or will their diverse philosophies result in disaster?

Get ready for ALIAS, a spin-off series from Hughey's successful Family Stone series. We first meet Jillian Larsen in Still the One, Bliss and Jack's story, and we're introduced to Marissa in Cold As Stone. Want to know what happened to Maria Torres? Pick up your copy of Stalked today!


A federal judge is being threatened and besides the protection provided by the U.S. Marshall Service, the judge also wants the PR firm that his son owns. You find out later that the firm is much more than PR. The only agent that is available at the time is Kita Kim she really does not want the assignment and lets her feelings known. She also does not have a choice in the matter. She is teamed with Marshall Alex Saunders. Let’s just say this match is like oil and water. Alex is a rule follower and of course, Kim is not which only drives him crazy. Which just being around is bad enough because he cannot figure out why he is attracted to her. This attraction adds to the story. When you are deep in the story you find out that Kim is actually ex CIA and also has mad computer skills. There is plenty of non-stop action on who is trying to kill the judge, also some hot scenes in the bedroom, and the mystery of the story will keep you going to the end. There is also a separate case that Kim is working on herself that adds to the following the rules and not. Overall a good story. I really liked the Kim character and her story. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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