THE PERFECT GAME                                                    ELLEY ARDEN

Fans of TV’s Pitch will love this wrap-up to the charming world of the Arlington Aces baseball team.

Arlington Aces’ backup catcher Ian Pratt lives every day to the fullest, focusing on having fun with the three Bs: babes, booze, and baseball. Life’s too short not to go out with a smile on his face.

For Pauly Byrne, being the only female starting pitcher in professional baseball means she’s determined, deliberate, and always staying one step ahead of the naysayers. Facing a difficult choice, she must decide whether to hang up her cleats to become the first woman to coach an NCAA baseball team or hold on to the unlikely dream of becoming the first to play in the Major League. Either way, she needs to win this season’s championship.

When Pauly’s usual catcher fails a drug test going into playoffs, Ian is thrust into the starting role, where their differences—and an unlikely attraction—threaten to derail their season. Their futures are on the line, but can these two total opposites find enough common ground to win the big game and a shot at happily ever after?

Sensuality Level: Sensual


     What a really interesting and fun book of two people who come together over the love of a sport.  One taking it on as pure enjoyment and making the team, Ian Pratt.  The other, Pauly Byrne she had to fight and claw her way in the all-male sport until she came along.  It really bothered her that second string catcher, Ian, was so laid back when they had a job to do.
     Being a first-string pitcher, she knew she only had one more season to make it into MLB so she needed to win the season’s championship.  When her regular catcher test dirty she can’t believe it.  Then, his back up ends up on the disabled list so that only leaves Ian Pratt.  Which to hear her say it, it sounds like a four-letter word.  She is not happy.
     Pratt has never had a problem with her, in fact, he tried to help her on day one until she bit his head off.  From then on acting like she was better than most of the team, well except for the MLB players that had been dropped down for any reason.  So, he just kept his distance.  Now, however, she needed something from him if only cooperation.  He wasn’t going to make it easy she just knew it.
     See how these two learn to work together.  Overcome their differences.  Some might think it’s just a race thing.  They would be wrong.  Ian has to face some truths about his life that make Pauly’s issues seem petty at times she must put herself in check.  She finds she doesn’t even like her behavior.  Very interesting and well done as to how Ian’s family’s issues were handled. Also, how these two find that in their differences of opinions that they were more alike than they thought in others.

     I give this book 5++++ stars.  Provided  Follow us at 

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