From Award-Winning Author, Kim Hornsby 
Daria Stark's ex-husband and girlfriend have her precious little girls for Christmas and she opts to get out of Seattle at the last minute to survive the lonely holidays. Arriving in the picturesque Canadian ski resort, Whistler Mountain, she's met by her friend Joanne and then lands in a whirlwind of holiday activity --getting a Christmas tree, shopping for presents, making Christmas cookies, and strangely enough, being romanced by a dashing Frenchman, Pierre Charbenaud. Coincidence has the two singles both house guests with Joanne and her partner who live in a gorgeous lodge-type home overlooking the Village and Mountain. Not one to rush into romance, Daria finds herself being swept away by the charms of the Californian vintner, Pierre, and contemplates having a Christmas fling. After the last year she's endured with the divorce and the scheming girlfriend who caused the divorce, she needs something for herself. But will her heart survive when the Christmas vacation is over and both leave Whistler?


     Daria Stark has been separated from her ex for eight months and the divorce has not been easy for her since the woman Suzanne who caused the whole thing is now his fiancĂ© per their court agreement Robert gets their girls this Christmas for ten days.
     Of course, Suzanne resents all things Daria and is trying to outdo her and while she is doing it she is bad mouthing her to her children, going against their long-standing holiday beliefs and sending hurtful texts to Daria.
     So rather than stay in Seattle a few miles away and doing a drive by tormenting herself she has decided to go visit her friend Joanne in Whistler Mountain, Canada.  She is so glad she has because she is able to enjoy the Christmas events and buy things for the girls.  Right now, due to his guilt, she is receiving a great settlement from Robert her ex.
     But she has already started slow bringing in costume design work in.  Which will grow into more she knows.  While she is staying with Jo and her life partner Sheila and her son Javier.  They have another house guest, Pierre Charbenaud.  He owns, makes, and sells wine in San Francisco.
     She not only thinks he is absolutely gorgeous but as a person who can read auras she really likes him.  She knows now that she should have taken her own advice back in the day because Robert’s aura was not good at all.  She thought she loved him, boy was she wrong.  But she will never regret it since she got her girls from that union.
     Pierre was a man willing and ready to step in during a facetime call with her girls and be the new man in her life just to piss off her ex’s new fiancĂ© who was budding in on her time with her girls.  Making her ex’s new girl jealous to see that this sexy wealthy French man was spending time with her on the slopes but was now also her new boyfriend.  So, who was getting who’s goat now?  Two could play Suzanne’s game.  But really why should she have too?  Why didn’t Robert love their girls enough to put a stop to her behavior?
     Things were about to change.  I really enjoyed this short Christmas HEA.  The characters were well developed and people could see in your own life as friends.  The emotions of Daria are that of any mom who wanted their child to have a belief in dreams and not to have the grow up to soon.   Then to have her ex’s other woman wanting to wreck that was disheartening for her and you could feel that.  But what Pierre brings to her and says to her is poignant helping her put it all in perspective.
     Endearing Pierre to her and making her open her heart to a new man and trying not to get hurt by thinking it could be more than a holiday romance.

     I give this book 5 stars.  I got this book from author.  Follow us at 

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