Troy (American Extreme Bull Riders Tour #5)

TROY                                                                 AMY ANDREWS

Cocky, young Aussie bull rider Troy Jensen has been busted down to the pro-circuit. He needs wins and points to get him back into the big league and a shot at being crowned champ but an injury forces him off the circuit and into the arms of the woman fate keeps putting in his path.

The first time local Doc Joss Garrity meets Troy, she’s brandishing a lug wrench. The second time, he’s dragging her delinquent teen son home. The third time, he’s in her ER. How he ends up convalescing at her house she’s not quite sure. But it does make it hard to ignore him and their simmering attraction.

As Troy gets to know Joss, he starts to see a life after bull riding for the first time. But can Joss risk her heart on another man who may not come home one day?


Each one of these stories are written by different authors but each one are just as good as the previous ones. This one is still like the ones before this one. Written with the same time and thought where you as the reader are taken through a journey of a bull rider and a female who rocks his world more than the bull he is riding. Troy Jensen is from Austral and is a top bull rider. He comes along a woman who is having problems with changing her tire, the lug nuts won’t budge. After helping her and flirting they leave not together. Joss Garrity is a doctor and 34 years old and when she finds out that Troy is 27 she believes that he is too young for her. She is a widow and is raising a teenage son, so she feels Troy is not for her. Now Troy is at is hotel late one night and he has to go out to his truck when he notices someone going through it, mistake. He takes him down and when he takes the youngster home he is surprised to find Joss opening the door. She is a doctor and a mother, he does find out that her husband died and he does not stay because he has to ride the next day. The next comes with him seeing Joss for the third day in a row and this time it was because he was in the E.R. And then because he has nowhere to go or look after him she takes him home where her son and father in law live. Now she must somehow get her emotions under control because he wants to be with her. After some time together and he spends time with her son she gives it a shot until he tells her he loves her, but her main problem is that he does not wear a helmet and he has no home base. He is a traveler from place to place. When he takes the steps to change he goes to her and puts it back in her court and makes it her decision to be with him. Find out what she does. A good story. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at 

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