Captured by Chocolate (Love at the Chocolate Shop #11)


Radio DJ Dylan Morgan enjoys small town life in Marietta. Unlike his longtime girlfriend and globetrotting photojournalist Casey Michaels, he’s never been tempted to spread his wings. Until an east coast job offer at a major radio station catches his eye. He considers taking the position, but then Casey calls… She’s coming home.

After years of wandering the globe, Casey Michaels is tired and needs a break and while she didn’t plan on coming home for good, the idea is starting to grow on her. All she wants to do is spend time with her forever boyfriend, Dylan. But all she meets is suspicion as everyone waits for her to pack up her suitcase once again. To convince Dylan she’s home for good, she plans a grand gesture–a photography show celebrating Marietta life. And then, the phone rings. She’s needed in London…


This story opens with Casey Michaels living her assignment in a foreign land and returning home to Montana. The small town of Marietta is where this photo journalist comes back to recharge only to leave again. This last assignment has changed her and she is wondering if it is time for a change as well in her life. Her longtime boyfriend Dylan Morgan is doing his radio show, preparing for his sister’s wedding, and for the first time has actually accepted his offer of looking at a job offer in New York. Not hearing from Casey her family, as well as Dylan is surprised when she has arrived backed and she is taken back by everyone’s talk of when is she leaving again. When talking to Dylan she lets him know what happened on the last trip and though he is a little surprised that she did not tell him when they skyped, he comes around. He also is tired of always waiting for her and asks her to move in and she accepts. It is right after this that everything goes haywire again. She all of a sudden leaves again when she had told everyone she was staying especially Dylan, and she said she would be gone three weeks and it turned into six. Happy and excited to be home she has news to share but he is gone to New York and though he comes home she knows that it is strained. What they had has changed and maybe she had taken him and everyone for granted by leaving and coming home throughout the years. She decides to show Dylan her love not just for him but their town by the only way she knows how. Pictures but will the man she loves show up and see what she has done? Read this fine story about two people and their love ones fighting for them. A good story that is helped along with good characters. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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