Dolph Schayes and the Rise of Professional Basketball

DOLPH SCHAYES                                           DOLPH GRUNDMAN

Grundman presents readers with a portrait, the first of its kind, of Dolph Schayes - the star of the Syracuse Nationals basketball team during the 1950s and '60s. Schayes may not have one of the most recognizable names in basketball history, but his accomplishments are staggering - he was named one of the fifty greatest players of all time by the NBA and he held six NBA records (including one for career scoring) at his retirement. The text follows Schayes from his early days as the child of Jewish Romanian immigrants, through his illustrious basketball career, first at New York University (during New York's "golden age of basketball") then as part of the Syracuse Nationals. In writing about Schayes' career, Grundman also reflects on many of the revolutionary changes that were happening in the professional basketball world at the same time; changes that affected not only Schayes and his contemporaries, but also the entire essence of the sport. 


This was a good book about a man that I had always heard about but did not know about. The book details his college and pro careers. I did hope for more but I was happy for what I got. You get some game highlights as well as what his stats were for the years he played. I enjoyed the history of the book and how he got into coaching. For me, though I felt the book was lacking some and I like both history and sports. I got this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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