Hammered (Steel Country #1)

HAMMERED                                                    MJ FIELDS

Gage Falcon's life is turned upside down. When backed against a wall, he does what men with 'Steel' convictions do...take control.

Fight. Strength.

Phoenix Star knows it's going to take everything inside her to be who she is destined to be. Fresh out of college and knowing she can't go home and get where she wants to get, she takes the path less traveled.

Redefining life sends them both down a long dirt road to...become.

What happens when two people starting over in life and needing to find some control come face to face?

They get...HAMMERED!


A story that has a lot of things going on. First, you have Gage Falcon who is part owner of a company that he has helped turn around into a multimillion dollar business. He has some anger but you are made aware of the reasons why as the story goes along. The reasons deal with ex-wife, and mother whom both knew for years that boy he had been raising was not his son. Both of them are not the nicest people and when Gage meets and falls for Phoenix Star who is new in town and also a bartender. The closer that they become the meaner his ex, and mother become to her. Most of this happens when he is not around, and Phoenix does a good job of holding her own. The ex-thought really goes after her when the boy actually likes Phoenix more than his own mother. As things heat up between Gage and her he takes off early one morning only leaving a text on her phone, not wanting to wake her. Finally after a month goes by and she finds out where he is at and drives to New York. She spends a few days with him and then one morning when he wakes up she is gone and left him a text saying, “had to go you were sleeping did not want to wake you”. The first time he has had anyone especially a woman who gave it back to him and that is exactly what he needed and he took his butt home to see if he could make it work with her. A good book with good characters, and a good story. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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