The Paparazzi Proposal Their one-night stand made the headlines. Now playboy Hendrix Harris decides marrying the lady in question will stop the rumors from derailing his family's political ambitions. Rosalind Carpenter, with her pedigreed background, will make the perfect bride...and she drives him wild. But Roz will only say "I do" if they stay chaste until after the vows. The temptation may be more than he can stand...especially when he starts to fall for his wife. One Night Stand Bride is part of the In Name Only trilogy.

     When you find that person that makes you smile but also gives you that sexual charge without even touching them you can’t wait to find out it is.
     That’s exactly the way it was for (Roz) Rosalind Carpenter who was in Vegas with a friend for one last no rules, all out, one-night stand rendezvous.  Before she settles down and becomes the respectable daughter her billionaire father has always wanted.  You see it had just been her and her dad since she was eight when her mom died of cancer.
     While she was out she sees one of the movers and shakers of her hometown in North Carolina, in the flesh, Hendrix Harris.  The sexy handsome millionaire tobacco Bachelor.  He is the one man who you never see photographed with the same woman twice because he is known for only doing one-night stands.  He is perfect for her needs.
     He has been raised by a single mother Helene who was seventeen when she had him.  No father in the picture.  It didn’t stop Helene from getting the tobacco company that was in the family along with her brother and turning it into a thriving business.  Now, Hendrix is running it alone since his mother is running for the next governor of North Carolina.
     So, there at the bar seeing Hendrix and she had always run in the same circles but never together she thought he would be perfect for her send off to boredom.  From what she heard he was great in the sack so she would have great memories but he wouldn’t get attached.  Just what she needed for the night. 
     Two weeks go by and Hendrix shows up on her doorstep.  She doesn’t let him in she guards the door and says, “You don’t follow directions very well.”  Meaning their agreement was only for one night and one night only.  So basically, what is he doing there?  She doesn’t let on that she knows why he’s there.  The picture seen around the world of them bare ass naked in a hot tub, of course, has made their rounds in her circles too and her father is not happy either.

     He tells her basically he has come to make her a proposition for her, care of his mother.  She says so your mommy sent you.  Let the haggling begin.  What will convince Roz to say, yes?  Neither wants marriage so what are the risk factors for them to say yes for a certain time frame?  You will have to read and find out.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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