So in Love (Ribbon Ridge: Love on the Vine #3)

SO IN LOVE                                                      DARCY BURKE

After a hot hook-up on New Year’s Eve, Crystal Donovan plans to avoid Jamie Westcott, which could be difficult, given the size of Ribbon Ridge. But she’s only there a few days doing research on the town’s history then it’s back to her glam life in LA. When his family holds the key to unraveling a century-old mystery she has to seek him out—and the sparks are still flying.

Jamie Westcott works his ass off to repay his college loans, which doesn’t leave much time for other commitments. Crystal’s a perfect fling: she’s fun and sexy and, best of all, they have little in common and she lives somewhere else. Only, the more time they spend together the closer they get, despite their intent to keep things casual.

When everyone learns Crystal sold a screenplay exposing the dark secrets of Ribbon Ridge—and Jamie’s family—she becomes the town pariah. Jamie won’t leave and Crystal can’t stay—can love show them another way?


Crystal Donavon is in Ribbon Ridge doing research for a project she thinks she might be able to write about. She also meets Jamie Westcott and after a New Year’s party they end up spending the night together. The problem for her is that her home is not there in Oregon but L.A. When she comes back to Oregon not everyone is happy to see her because of some of the things she is finding out is not pleasant and especially not to Jamie’s family. Now they must work through their issues of wanting to be together, and now their issues with his family. When she feels everyone is attacking her she goes to the one place she does not want to go, her family in North Carolina. Now it is up to Jamie to decide if he wants to be in a relationship or be single for what looks like the rest of his life. He and Crystal must talk and in order to do that Jamie with some friends comes up with a plan for it to happen. Not just to talk but to give her information for her research that was found by his family, which actually helps her and shows her how much he is in love with her. Now it is up to her to overcome her fears. Can they do it? Read this nice book and find out. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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