TWINS ON THE DOORSTEP (Forever, Texas #17)



When newborn twins mysteriously appear on Cole McCullough's doorstep, everyone at the Healing Ranch, including Cole, starts to think...could they be his? Why else would someone leave them there? Cole knows there must be another explanation. Unless...

The only woman that Cole's been that close to is Stacy Rowe--the one he cared for deeply, and deeply regrets losing. But Stacy hasn't been in Forever in...forever. Eight months, to be exact. And while the math adds up, nothing else does! She would never abandon two little babies that way--she's said as much. But she does seem awfully keen to help him care for them. And the closer their odd little family grows, the more Cole has to wonder...

 When you’re in love with someone knowing how and when to add the sexual component to the relationship is always a sticky situation.  Even in middle America, the urge to be together is there.
     That is exactly what happened with Stacy Rowe and Cole McCullough.  Yet, after professing her love in the greatest way she could by giving all of herself to Cole he says, that maybe things were moving too quickly.  That they should slow down before it was too late.  For her, it was already too late.  What more did she have to give?  She had already given it to him.  The man she had loved for as long as she could remember and he was telling her that he wasn’t ready.  They were almost thirty.
     She felt like an idiot.  She thought they had been on the same page and felt the same way about each other.  Well, now she knew that she was wrong.  She had given him her heart and her body and he tossed her gift aside giving her words that to her ears said, “It was fun.  Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.”
     So, when her aunt heard her crying she put two and two together.  She decided to take Stacy to Europe the next day for the trip of their lives.  It was for her aunt Kate, you see she passed away on the last leg of their eight-month journey.
     Stacy had sworn never to return to Forever but due to her aunt’s final instructions when she fell ill was to come home cremate her and to hear her will.  She returns to find out her childhood home burned down while away.  She’d have no luck if not bad luck.
     However, the new hotel that was built while away had a room.  The next morning, she got a job by accident and while running a breakfast run for her manager she runs into Cole who found a set of twins.  Who she has been ordered to help Cole for the day with the babies, by the owner of the restaurant.  All she can think is killing me now.
     What she can’t understand is why Cole is acting like he missed her and like nothing even happened between them.  Cole, on the other hand, is finding it odd that these babies were left on his doorstep at Healing Ranch.  At the same time, Stacy returns eight months after they made love to each other.  Are these their children?  He’s freaking out.
     See how these two resolve their past issues, see who abandoned two beautiful babies, and see how a family can work together to make a home for lost souls two small ones and one not so small. 

     This was very enjoyable.  Once again, the author has characters with humor and strength.  Yet, most of all a sense of family honor.  I give this book: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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