Along Came a Ranger (Texas Lawmen #3)

ALONG CAME RANGER                               DEBRA HOLT

No cowboys allowed. That is Stacy Smith’s motto. Having overcome a rough childhood, she vows to not repeat the same mistakes that her mother made. Writing bestselling romance novels as Sabrina Noelle, she is happy to stay in her ivory tower, creating perfect worlds for her heroes and heroines that keep her busy and her heart whole.

Texas Ranger Davis McKenna handles crisis situations on a regular basis. But when he is stranded in a hotel elevator with a gorgeous woman on the verge of panic, he soon realizes that there’s more at play than just his protective instincts.

Take one determined Texas Ranger and one equally stubborn romance author and there is bound to be a showdown at high noon where desires and hearts are concerned. Can Stacy risk opening her heart to the man who represents everything she never wanted?


Stacy Smith has a rule of no cowboys. This goes back to her rough childhood and her mother being with different men. Now a successful best-selling author, and beautiful women she has caught the eye of one Davis McKenna. After a chance encounter at the hotel gym which they both were staying at they are now stuck on the elevator together. Once it begins to move again they agree to meet down stairs for breakfast and that is when she sees nothing but cowboys. She notices that Davis is one of them but also a Texas Ranger. She bows out of breakfast hoping she will never see him again only to run into him again a month later when she was at the state capital hoping to have lunch with her boyfriend who she doesn’t really want to be with but can’t decide how to break it off with him either. Now surprised by Davis and having lunch together, she finds herself actually having a nice time. The more you get into the story you find out that when she goes with Davis to his home town that she is actually drawn to that town and likes the people there. She begins to see a different side of cowboys and not the ones her mother would bring home and she is now beginning to realize that even the senator’s whom she has been dating is not the person for her. What she does not know is if Davis still has the same feelings for her after an argument they got into. The author also shows you her strength when she goes out to look for and finds a little girl that was kidnapped. There are so many things to like about this story and it is not just the two main characters. All of the characters are good. A very good book. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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