Branded with a Kiss

BRANDED WITH A KISS                               PAULA ALTENBURG

Patterson Campbell has a "love 'em and leave 'em" philosophy when it comes to women. He's never given anyone a reason to believe he's after more than a good time. That is, until he sees Alayna Brand across the room.

A bold, outgoing cowboy is exactly what shy, introverted Alayna needs to bring her out of her shell. But after an unforgettable night ends up being memorable for all the wrong reasons, Patterson has to prove that he's much more than just a good time if he wants to capture her heart.

When Alayna and Patterson find themselves working together, Alayna realizes that moving on from that night might not be as easy as she thought. And Patterson? He discovers reputations are sometimes hard to live down.


Patterson Campbell’s love’em and leave’em attitude has lost its luster and yet the people in his small town think he is still the playboy type, not the case. His father would like for him to take over the ranch but he would also like for his son to be married. Now as the night in the bar moves along the woman that has caught his eye is none other than Alayna. She is home from college for the summer and the shy woman is nothing like he remembers. The youngest of her family her two brothers and sister have always looked after her and their mother after their father died suddenly when she was younger. Now looking for some excitement and someone close to her 6’ in height. Patterson fits the bill being 6’5’’ after a few dances and a little flirting they call it a night only for her to show up at his place a few nights later. That night starts off really good but does not end really well. The story will explain. The book then picks up a year later and now she back at the ranch but this time for a summer job because she has one more year of college and it is time for her to earn more money so she does not rely on her brother. Seeing Patterson still, gives her a feeling that she does not know what it is and for Patterson he thinks he is finally looking at the person who he wants to settle down with. The time at the ranch is a good part of the story and really adds to this book. Along with her doing tricks with whips which sounded cool especially at night and starting a fire. The time with Patterson and Alayna turns out to be much growth for both of them and though he wants to be with her he also knows she must leave to finish her last year of college. You most definitely have to wait until the end of the book to see want happens between the two of them. A good story with a lot of good characters to help this book along. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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