Something New (Lone Star Match #3)

SOMETHING NEW                                         MEGAN RYDER

When Anna Maria Costado is caught having a meltdown on live television, her contract as a nighttime tv star is in danger of being cancelled. Taking a much needed break, she returns home to Texas for a friend's wedding and is faced with the man she left behind, the only man she ever loved, Wyatt Turner. 

After a knee injury sidelined his professional football career, Wyatt Turner returned to his alma mater as a football coach. Trying to rebuild a new life, Wyatt buries himself in coaching. Just when he thinks he has moved on from the past, a friend's wedding reunites him with the woman he once loved and lost, along with his dreams. 

Can Anna and Wyatt overcome the circumstances of their past and reclaim the future they were always destined to have?


A story that begins with a friend trying to persuade her friend from college to come back to Texas for her wedding. It would also mean that Anna Maria Costado who is now a television star and is in a free fall career wise. She could get out of town and out of sight of photographers which is only one of her problems. Going back to Texas means she also has to see Wyatt Turner who she thought she would have a future with but instead after his second knee injury became a jerk and told everyone to leave and now blames everyone because they did. Wyatt is now a coach at the University where they went but still has feelings for Anna. He believes that by going to this wedding he can finally move past the hurt. Once all of the people are on the island and he begins to see Anna as much as he wants to continue to be mad he also wants to move on because he knows that there is something else going on with her that is making her on edge. Wyatt though must also come to terms with the idea that he is done with football, with playing football and once he gives that a full thought he is able to help Anna to see what has gone on with her career. Once the wedding is over Anna is in New York for an audition when she realizes what she really wants. Want she wants is a life and a guy and she goes after both. Read this book and see if she can have both. A good story with good characters. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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