That Thing You Do

THAT THING YOU DO                                   KAYTI McGEE

With the heart and sass of a Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel and the humor and sexiness of bestseller Alice Clayton, That Thing You Do is a story of three friends who make a pact in high school that states that none of the girls will marry unless each one agrees with the match.

Greta is always the bridesmaid - and that's fine with her. She has no desire to date after a bad relationship left her reeling. Her friends aren't having that, though, and after yet another wedding, she finds herself being set up with the DJ. Deciding to save herself the trouble of an inevitable breakup, Greta orchestrates a series of fake dates designed to trick her friends into thinking she's putting herself out there. But Jon has plans of his own, and she never counted on the sparks that fly between them. Can a girl who doesn't believe in love find it in the least likely place of all?


Greta and her friends had made a pact that they had to approve who they would marry before the time. Now she is the only one that is still single. Being a bride’s maid once again even though it is for her sister is just wrong in her mind especially when her friends are married and now having children. To deflect attention from herself she is hoping that a series of fake dates will send her friends away from the truth that she is nowhere near a relationship of any kind. Her friends decide that they need to change the fact that they had agreed on many years ago and over a bottle of tequila have decided that the DJ that is at this wedding is the person for her. In order to facilitate there plan with hers, she talks to Jon the DJ and she comes up with a plan and he agrees with her plan if she will agree with his rules. His are very simple for every one fake date he goes on she must go on a real date with him. She reluctantly agrees because she feels it will not work out, not knowing that Jon is attracted to her because why would someone be attracted to her. Jon makes their dates whether fake or really fun and most of all he makes her special and makes her feel like a woman and important to him and to herself. A fun book with good characters. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us

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