The Cowboy's Christmas Bride (The McCall Brothers Book 4)


Rising country music star Cassidy James McCall is living her own version of a bad country song. After undergoing vocal chord surgery, her future is uncertain. To escape the constant presence of tabloid reporters, she accepts an invitation to celebrate Christmas with her McCall cousins. But her idea of a quiet and peaceful holiday comes to a screeching halt the moment she crashes into her former boyfriend, the tough yet noble cowboy that she's never gotten over.

Widowed, single father and ex-rodeo bull rider, Ryder Hadley, longs to raise this precious little girl in his safe, secure small hometown of Honor, Texas while bringing his ranch back to life. It’s a simple wish that goes haywire when the mega country sensation and the woman who stole his heart years ago gallops back in to town, igniting a firestorm of emotions in her wake.

As Ryder tries to protect his heart from falling once again under Cassidy's spell, he soon learns he's not the only one who can't resist her–his daughter wants Cassidy as a bride for her daddy. With the help of some Christmas magic, will Ryder and Cassidy get the second chance that they've always wanted?


Book four in the series has Cousin Cassidy James McCall a country music star coming into town to find herself after the death of her mother, her voice, and what she thinks is her career. Her manager has done some underhanded deals while she was grieving and took advantage of her. Now going to a place with Gramps and her cousin’s she is looking for a safe place. What she finds though is her lost love that she threw away only to find out that he married and has a daughter, and that the mother, wife passed after Molly was a year old. Now she is looking at what could have been. All of the characters from the other books are in this one which makes for a nice story to see where each of the brothers her cousins are with their wife’s. What really makes this story though is Ryder, Cassidy’s lost love and his daughter Molly. Molly is a hoot and really catches you from the beginning all the way to the end. A really good story to go along with the other books in the series. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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