Wicked Play (Part 1 of 10)

WICKED PLAY                                                 LYNDA ARCHER

Cali Reynolds knows in her bones she's a submissive. And now that she's free from her passionless marriage, she's going to explore each and every fantasy she's ever had at The Den, the most exclusive sex club in town.
Jake McCallister knows what he wants and won't accept anything less from a partner. But when a beautiful divorcĂ©e shows up at his club looking for fulfillment after years of denial, he's intrigued—and takes it upon himself to initiate her into the pleasures she's been missing.
As their play intensifies, so does their bond. Now Jake doesn't want anyone but Cali, but is he ready to officially claim her? And will she submit to being his forever?


This is the first book in a ten-part series. It opens with a divorced woman Cali Reynolds who was married for 22 years now looking sexual touch and more, it is explained in the book and it makes sense why the divorce. She has gone to a BDSM club and has gone through the interview process only to feel that she is still going to be denied membership. If that should happen she does not know where she will turn to. Her two children are in college and at 44 years old she feels almost embarrassed being at this club going through with this possibility. With the outlook of a new beginning, she is hoping for acceptance into the club. Jake McCallister is one of the partners in the club and is already looking at leaving the club for something else. When he is asked to take another look at the application of the new member and when he meets Cali something stirs inside of him that has not done so before. They spend her first night at the club together and for her, it is what she was looking for. For Jake, he thought she would be like other women and he would not think about her again, but after two weeks he still cannot get her off his mind. A chance encounter happens at one of the partner’s condo’s place where a party is going on, and he runs into her again. He also meets her daughter. Wanting another night with her, he also wants her to be his submissive, his only submissive. Cali has a problem with that because she is a business owner, parent, and someone who does not like being told what to do outside of the bedroom. This story is just that a story seems to be a good one. I have not read any of the other books yet but if they are like the first book then I think they will all be good. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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