Chasing Marisol (Blueprint to Love #3)

CHASING MARISOL                                       LAUREN GIORDANO

Construction executive Jefferson Traynor has zero problems attracting women. Until now. A blow to his ego, the sexy, beautiful Marisol seems immune to his superpower charms. 
Marisol Ortega is on a mission-- build the safest women's shelter she can negotiate on her shoestring budget. If that means playing along with the gorgeous, cocky stud building it-- then game on. A single mom to foster son Hector, Mari can't afford the distraction of the crazy hot man pursuing her. 
Chasing Marisol was supposed to be a fun, no-strings interlude while Jeff builds a safe shelter for the strong women he has grown to admire. Falling for Mari and Hector wasn't in the blueprint. But can Marisol ever move past old fears to risk building a shiny, new life with him? 


Marisol Ortega is working on building a women’s shelter on a shoestring budget. Always looking for donations, or fundraising she is now at a meeting with the hope of plans to build a building at the location of the shelter. Jefferson Traynor is the son of the owner of the construction company and is also an executive. He, of course, makes a fool of himself as he walks in seeing Marisol and making comments about her and then thinking that she will fall over him to go out with him. When he finds out that she is the reason for the meeting it only gets worse from there. When he gets to the shelter the next day he continues to make a fool of himself and does so for the 25% of the book. He starts to come around and realizes what and why they are there. He is still drawn to Marisol but also to the boy that she is working at adopting. Together they both decide to go on a few dates and when you find out about her past you begin to see why she is doing what she is. You also begin to see a change in Jefferson, and you wonder if it will be enough or will he leave once the project is done. A good story about women being abused and trying to get away with their children and also how they become stalked by their spouse and what the entire family goes through. For that reason alone this is a great book but the story is good just as well. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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