Earning It (Stolen Moments #1)

EARNING IT                                                     ANGELA QUARLES

To Score…
Holy cow, my blind date is rawr-hot. Everything in me aches to explore more with this man, but I can’t. I’ve got too much on the line professionally, with me starting at my new medical practice on shaky ground. But I can’t deny that I want the sex. A fling is perfect. Bonus—I will prove my idiot ex-boyfriend wrong. I’m not cold.

Or Not to Score…
Once she mistakes me for her blind date, my plan is clear. Be this Rick the Lawyer she thinks I am. And for the space of this coffee date, talk to the only woman who’s ever made me feel any spark outside of combat. Best case scenario, I get to be outside my skin—free to be whatever the hell I want. Worst case—she recognizes me as we chat. She’ll be pissed, call me an asshole, but it won’t be anything she hasn’t called me in the past, so… Win/Win?


Pepper shows up at a coffee shop for a blind date looking for a lawyer named Rick. She immediately is attracted to the man she sees sitting by himself, and when she asks if he is Rick he agrees. He is not he is former Navy Seal Luke who also has known Pepper since high school and has liked since then as well. Now playing the part it goes all the way to his apartment. A few days later before he can come clean she finds out from her friend that Rick never showed up and she is sorry. Finding out that this is Luke from high school which they have some not so good history does not make her feel any better. Now Luke must use all of his people skills none and really make her understand that he really has liked her and he really is serious about wanting to date her. Now it is up to her to decide. A fun story about two people and when I got to the end I wanted the story to continue. A very good book. I got this book from Netgalley .com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us atwww.1rad-readerreviews.com

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