Finding Purpose (Colorado Veterans #1)

FINDING PURPOSE                                        TIFFANY LYNN

Once upon a time, when Quincy Hannigan needed saving, he was there to hold her hand. Years have passed since she was that weak, broken girl; instead, a strong, intelligent woman stands in her place. She’s making the world a better place one arrest at a time and has everything she’s always wanted—except Judson Rivers. 

When Judson’s father died suddenly, he dropped out of college and became a Navy SEAL. He left everything from his old life behind, including the girl he loved, but never told—Quincy. After ten years, Judson’s military career ends abruptly when the vehicle he’s in runs over an IED. He has his hands full learning to live with one leg, PTSD and a civilian life he wasn’t ready to return to. 

Judson and Quincy are reunited when their mentor dies. Once Quincy realizes the depth of his pain, she knows it’s her turn to be the savior. Years of pent-up passion are unleashed, but it may be too late if Judson can’t crawl out of hell. Quincy has every intention of healing this wounded warrior before his demons are the ones who determine his fate. 


A story of a chance at love for a second time. Quincy Hannigan and Judson Rivers were friends in college and on the same pistol shooting team. Becoming teammates they also became friends and close friends when Judson stayed with her and helped her overcome a difficult time in her life. Afterwards, she always looked at him differently and wished they could be a couple but he had a girlfriend. When in his third year of college his father dies suddenly he quits school and joins the service. Shocked by his enlistment and his break up with his girlfriend, she finds out through her coach he has become a Seal. He writes her one letter, but when he is hurt severely by an IED she ends up with at the hospital along with the coach who is a retired Colonel. That is the last time she sees him until the funeral of the Colonel over a year later. Dealing with her own issues in her life she finds herself still attracted to him but realizes he has changed. This all changes one night when she gets a call and he is in the hospital for mixing pills and alcohol. It is after this that she decides to help him like he did for her back in college. This is where the story takes off and changes, and continues to evolve through there life. A beautiful story about togetherness and being there for the people you love. Also about family is not always about the family you have but the people in your life who are there for you always. A wonderful story. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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